her master's voice


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a story of male v.s. female largely inspired by a Bertrand Blier's movie : Calmos (1976) a.k.a. Femmes Fatales (u.s.) /notice that there is no samples from this movie in the mix./ you can find selected scenes from " Calmos " : .avi (here)

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hey you, naughty boy, do you want more gorgious female pictures chek out : Femme Fatales web salon


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Sid Laverents(1908) biographydownload multiple SIDosis.mp4

a geniously inspired amateur composer and film-maker.

listen to the song : Heidi.mp3 (featuring his dog!)

watch his masterpiece : Multiple SIDosis.mp4

"Multiple SIDosis : Though the first, non-musical part of the film may seem slow, seeing the meticulousness of Sid’s process (reading the instructions, arranging on staff paper) is totally what the movie is about. That care is required to achieve the brilliant brain candy of a musical number."

get : Roctober magazine #36 (including 9 tracks CD)

RoctoberMagazine#36(Sid's interview)i've personally written several e-mails to Mr. Laverents [sidchar@CTS.com] but sadly i am still waiting for an answer; he is actually euh ... 98. maybe i should send a postcard ! [3705 Mesa Vista Way Bonita, CA 91902, USA] ....................i hope someday i' ll find his movies.


Queen Of Blood (plot summary)incredible u.s. extra low-budget/sci-fi/horror movie : Queen Of Blood.mov (1966)

Trivia : original story from Mechte Navstrechu (UNCREDITED)The elaborate special effects were taken (UNCREDITED) from the big budget Soviet production Nebo Zovyot (1960).

Goofs : Revealing mistakes: The Cyrillic letters CCCP (USSR) can be seen on the side of the "American" rocket ship, betraying the fact that this film used stock footage from a Russian sci-fi film. (more)


what the hell are they drinking ?

Les Baxter well known exotica crime space composer.

for more info about exotica, space age pop and other incredibly strange music : www.spaceagepop.com


Collage Libre

This is one of these mixes ... messy, messy, messy ... so don't be surprised and listen with an open mind !


Web of Love



Largely inspired by Fritz Lang 's movie from 1952 : Clash By Night. Love, alcohol, jealousy and envy on a paradise island.

bonus track : vagina.mp3

Bruce Haack

www.brucehaack.comone of the most Inventive children 's songwriter of the 1960/70's.

Around 1968 he talked about "a time when all people would create and share their music ELECTRONICALLY without record company involvement."

learn more : www.brucehaack.com

more mixes from 2005

Fight Back !
Christmas Super Discount 1&2


* * *

A big mashup of freaky christmas songs.

[ Listen with moderation. Those songs could irreparably damage your health. ]


the good the bad and the freak



TV kills



welcome to my mind

05-11-07_doyouspeakenglish_welcome to my mind.mp3


the witch