Beauty & the Beast

You're about to hear a special selection of outrageous X-rated B-movie trailer cuts and raw horror garage tracks from the 50/70's plus some tracks from the MESSER CHUPS latest album HYENA SAFARI released on Solnze Records. A UNIQUE spy/ surf/ horror/ sci-fi/ electro/ rock/ garage band from Russia with several musical projects as Messer Fur Frau Muller or Oleg Kostrow. I used to play lots of their burlesque music in do you speak english ? previous mixes. listen closely !(videos here and here.)(SCD010:Messer Chups/hyena safari)
Messer Chups / hyena safari(drawing and artwork on hyena safari by dopingpong.)
incredible HORROR b-movies at : Giant & Girls
this is absolutely W E I R D !!! a huge fabulous collection of mentaly disturb movies at : Something Weird (VHS & DVD available!)
videos for weirdos
more FREE weirdo music at : WMRecordings (under creative commons license)


copy me

06-02-13_doyouspeakenglish_copy_me.mp3 06-02-13_doyouspeakenglish_copy_me.mp3
In this mix i use fragments of cassette tape recordings founded at Tape Findings.
Tape Findings website
Dj Aptem
Russian cassette recorder experimentalist at SoundResearch (cassette dj set in mp3 !).
AL1etANT1 from France : performances using imaginative interactive selfmade music equipment. (ex: Hurlomatic)
Another selfmade K7 Dj equipement by Samuli & Markus from Tuulanauhat Laboratories in Finland.
T#N#lab PS : i did not use any of these artist's sounds this week, maybe i'll broadcast some cassette mix soon. You can already enjoy free MP3s on each websites.




Hildegarde international cabaret celebrity sings a little bit in french on flexidisc !

more flexidiscs/cardboards/oddities (here)

one of my personnal french cardboard : Marcel Delor sings Buena Sera

buena sera(sadly unrecordable)