mamie from outer space (120 min mix)

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playlist de l'émission du 22-04-09 (2 heures)
Mamie from outer space

DJ NO BREAKFAST - MVD show from outer space (intro)

DJ NO BREAKFAST - fucking moon

ATTILIO MINEO - welcome to tommorrow (1962)

LES BAXTER et SAMUEL J. HOFFMAN - lunar rhapsody (1947)

FRANK COMSTOCK - galaxy (1962)


LES BAXTER - saturday night on Saturn (1957)

AMES BROTHERS - destination Moon (1958)

JIMMY HASKELL - Venus (1957)

ANNETTE - that crazy place from outer space(1958)

NINO NARDINI - decouverte lunaire (1970)


THE WILD TONES - the martian band

JIMMY HASKELL - the asteroid hop (1957)

LUCIA PAMELA - walking on the moon (196x)

NELSON YOUNG - rock old sputnik

WESLEY REYNOLDS - trip to the moon

THE 5,6,7,8's - my boyfriend from outer space (2003)


MESSER CHUPS - girls in orbit (2007)

GLORIA LAMBERT with Richard Maltby - moon man (1959)

THE Mc GUIRE SISTERS - will there be place on a spaceship (1961)

GEORGES TEPERINO - hi-tronics 06 (196x)

DICK HYMAN and MARY MAYO- space reflex (1963)

interlude - Man seeks the future

DICK HYMAN and MARY MAYO- imagination (1963)

PIERO UMILIANI - momento ritmico

TIPSY - nude on the moon (1996)

THE WEIRD LOVEMAKERS - quiet spillage

TIPSY - Kitty's Daydream (Longhair mix)

THE BRAN FLAKES - brilliant pillows (2000)

Mr MELVIS - A Walk Through The Powerhouse

DICK HYMAN - Give it up Or Turn Its Loose (1969)


J.P. MASSIERA - radio galaxia (extrait)

JONZUN CREW - space is the place (1983)

FRANK COMSTOCK - on the dark side of the Moon (1962)

J.P. MASSIERA- radio galaxia (extrait)

movie trailer- The H Man (1958)

CANDY HANK - Groucho finds UFO (and goes space)(2006)

GANGPOL UND MIT - la valse sale

THIAZ ITCH - catsteps on a wet moon (2009) [previously unreleased]

DANA COUNTRYMAN - cocktails in space (extraits)


MESSER FUR FRAU MULLER - John Lenin from outer space (2006)

LOUIS and BEBE BARRON - main title (overture) / bande originale du film: Forbidden Planet (1956)

JAN TURKENBURG and his pupils of the Geert Grote School - in my spaceship (2004)


JIMI TENOR - Outa Space (2001)

SUN RA - space is the place (1956)

SUN RA - interplanetary music (1956)

FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX - ballet mecanique (maquette inédite)

interlude Generique Star Trek (France)

DEODATO - theme from Star Trek (1975)

THE LOUNGE KING meets MONSIEUR MAX - a gigantic spacecraft

JEAN JACQUES PERREY - E.V.A. (1970)(intergalactic no breakfast remix)

EMALKAY - frequency (2006) + Nino Nardini - galaxie inconnue (1970)

DJ NO BREAKFAST - il n y pas que David Vincent qui les ai vu! (music Johanna Group: Hors-phase)

Selection de
Dj No Breakfast www.myspace.com/mamievandorenshow
compil: Two Zombies Later (Strange and Unusual Music from the Exotica Mailing List)[Comfort Stand] (2003)
compil: interplanetary materials [Comfort Stand] (2004)