Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 017 - 2010-03-25 / Bhangratitude



MVDX.017 playlist de l'émission du 25-03-10 (2 heures)/ bhangratitude

India - Bhangra - Masala - Folkpop - Mashup - gangsta - techno

Selection: 45 premières minutes par SEBCAT retrouvez l' intégralité de son mix ici

" All tunes in this masala funky flavoured mashup mix are selected from over 100's of cdr's, video cd's and cassettes that I picked up on my trip in India in 2007.
In modern India, music is part of everyday life on the street, where distorted sounds blast from shops, riksha's, buses, temples or weddings in many musical styles. Especially the sound and variety of local folkpop interested me. Folkpop is the hybrid of old folk music and modern pop/dance made with new digital techniques. The frequent use of vocoder, autotune and other effects give it a culture-clashing sound where old traditions meet the changing modern times.

The folkpop mixed here is a mash of Sambalpuri, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Haryana and Gujarati dancepop styles.

So yeah, a clear tracklisting was quite impossible here because most of the titles/artists are written in Hindi & local languages, or even marked as unknown mp3's. Not an easy task to translate or decipher all that, consider this mashup a mystery and let the music speak for itself. There's so much more to India than Bollywood. If you look deeper into the local culture of different states, you find a unique sound that follows the same rolling wave allover India.... from north to south, east to west and back!

You can also buy this mix as an honest handmade cd-r with nice colourful artwork design for just 5€ (excl. postage, depending where you live). mail us at info@rebelup.org" (Sebcat, RebelUp)

la seconde partie de la sélection est orchestré par 6TARSLIM et DJ NO BREAKFAST
Interviews par Gérard Jegère et Ping Pong.


Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 016 - 2010-03-17 / Skateboard Mania


MVDX.016 playlist de l'émission du 17-03-10/ Skateboard Mania

MVDIX intro

Devil's Toy Documentary - "Quel est donc ce mal...

Skate Gang movie - Contest

Sneakers & Lace - Sidewalk Convoy

Devil's Toy Documentary - "Le Rouli Roulant

Mat Camison - Orange Pip

Willie & the wheels - Skateboard Craze

French Tv "C'est interdit..."

Benny - Skateboard uh-ah-ah

David O'Brian - Skateboard Rider

Syphax - Skate Dance

French Tv - Mode 1983

Fat Bubbles - Skateboard Queen

French commercial - Action man


Rika Zaraï - A Cowboy for Jesus

Shake - Trocadero Bleu Citron

Roller Cats - Hey Skate Roller

Patrick Topaloff - Les rois du skateboard

Lady Skate et les Skateboard Kids - Skateboard Baby

Punk Rebelle & Les Skates to Hell - Je hais la terre entière

French commercial - Mon premier Skateboard


French Tv - Jean-Pierre Marquand speed record (feat. Yves Mourousi)

Z for Zafra - Skateboard Shuffle

Fulbert Cant - O mamé compra-me un skéit-bòrd

French commercial - Skateboard radio-commandé

Trickeration - Rap, bounce, rock, skate

French commercial Sindy skate

The cheap skates - Latin skate

Sneakers & Lace - Skate Talk

Selection/mix de David P. et Ping Pong Junior à l'occasion de la sortie du fanzine "Noir De Cou" n°2 spécial skateboard. (3€)
Plus d 'infos sur le blog Noir De Cou

En Avril 2010 expo de pochettes de vinyls skateploitation 70's à Vicious Circle (rue des puits clos, Toulouse).

Rouli Roulant

Oldschool Family-A.S.D | MySpace Video


greatest it

Artwork by Amandine Urruty

Over the last decade, the free music scene has brought out numerous big names. Thanks to them the fact that there's an endless amount of incredibly "good" music available for free on the internet has become obvious to everybody. But of course there's also an even greater amount of incredibly shite music out there...

The good stuff isn't always easiest to find, and most users don't have time to browse through every artist's discography in order to discover the gems among their droppings. As the downfall of MySpace continues curatorship is regaining importance. Instead of plowing through songs on MySpace or Soundcloud today's users prefer sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. They just seem more interested in selected content. Netlabels experience some kind of Indian summer, receiving a lot of attention as if they were all new. They retrieve relevance as a source for presenting the hot. Berlin held a Netaudio Festival last year. New York's WFMU has created the Free Music Archive, "a social music website built around a curated library of free, legal audio". Fuck me sideways, the scene is a scene again !

That's why six of the most original netlabels have teamed up for one release – each label presenting three of their favorite tracks from their own catalog – to celebrate the idea of free music, and to simply bring you the shit de la shit!

Up it up (Italy, Germany, U.K.), Ego Twister (France), Peppermill (Canada), Proot (France), Cock Rock Disco (Germany) and WM Recordings (Netherlands) share similar backgrounds and philosophies, and they are proud to present their "Greatest it". You might happen to know all of the 18 smash hits but if you don't you better catch up, Mr. caveman. This might indeed be the flyest compilation on the internet.

The labels' idea was also to share audiences by introducing / pointing out each other. It's understood that it's ridiculously difficult choosing your 3 favorite tracks from a whole catalog so consider this the tip of the iceberg. We love giving away our music because we believe the best things in life should be free – like the air you breathe or sunlight or sex (ideally). Please share this release with your friends or blog about it.

DOWNLOAD this compilation and check all these great netlabels NOW!


Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 015 - 2010-03-03 / Papy Potage : 60s & love


MVDX.015 playlist de l'émission du 03-03-10/ Papy Potage : 60's & love

intro Raymond Lefevre - how i love you

Extrait Dusty Springfield - You Dont Have to Say You Love Me

Jean-Claude Vannier - La horse



Helene Smith - True Love Don't Grow on Trees

The Music Emporium - Velvet Sunsets [Instrumental]

Diane & The Javelins - Who's the Girl

Marisa - Christine

Gene Page - Finding Love, Losing Love

Sharades - Dumb Head

Helene Smith - You Got to Be a Man

Claudine Longet - Nothing to lose (The Party version)

Glenda collins - baby it hurts

Dusty Springfield - Look of Love

M.Tympan - Croyez-vous a l'amour

Christine Pilzer - Ah-Hem-Ho-Uh-Err

The Music Emporium - Velvet Sunsets

Dusty Springfield - You Dont Have to Say You Love Me

Extrait de la scène culte entre M. Robinson et Benjamin dans le Film "The Graduate" (1967)

Extrait Film Coca Cola "The prom It's pleasure !" avec Miss Missouris (1961)

Selection/mix de Papy Potage