LP#8 Roger Roger - Rhapsody In Green - De La Musique Et Des Secrets Pour Enchanter Vos Plantes (1978)

A rare album, half classical music and half electronic music, from 1978 released on Tchou livre-disque record, composed by famous library musician Roger Roger (helped by Nino Nardini), illustrating a spoofy essay (by Martin Monestier) about the impact of music on plant growth ! Really absurd content (in french) where you can learn, for example, that Rock music KILL all the plants. If you have sexual obsessions you should paint your walls in soft green and buy some "agnus castus" or some "pleomele reflexa". Now If you want to fight gay desires you should paint your walls in black and buy "omorphophalles" ! It goes on and on like this for about 40 pages. HILARIOUS !
Sorry if i did not scan the whole book (as it is printed in a LP cover format, too big for my A4 scanner), but i have included a .PDF with some photos. Hope you'll enjoy.

back with liner notes in french (click to enlarge)
For your listening pleasure you can experience this record (especially side 2 "luxuriance") mixed with Laura Huxley voice : "Recipes for living and loving your favorite flower" (especially side 1). It is amazingly matchy matchy.
side 1 and side 2 are available via 365 days project -july 2007- WFMU blog

DOWNLOAD Roger Roger album here


Too much tequila !

Way too much !!! Via the excellent LPCoverLover blog.


Please download, copy, send to your friends, remix, mutilate, and mash-up.

w00t (2007)
a collage of computer game sound and image
by composer Bob Ostertag
and artist
John Cooney.

was composed entirely from fragments of music from computer
games.Images from these same games were included in the w00t art work.
Download the 50 min sound collage and read the liner notes.

under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

"And please support this attempt to build free culture by sending a link for w00t to your friends." Bob Ostertag and John Cooney.



First, i want to introduce my friend Thomas Bernard, extraprolific collagist, musician and hard working man.

Then, i found these on Flick'r...
by *aprilvg* They are what they seem
By Exo-
By Restless Things


The broken ears

click and Download the mixNew DoYouSpeakEnglish? mix
(download : right click and "save target as")

---------------------------P L A Y L I S T-----------------------------

Claudine Longuet
- happy talk

Lalo Schifrin - Be happy again jingle (from THX-1138 soundtrack)
Messer Fur Frau Muller - funny man under a narcosis
Chenard Walker
and the sand - hole mike

Thiaz Itch
- bêêêêê
-- (close your eyes) --
Ergo Phizmiz
- "survivor cover"
: track n°1 from "Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra" Womb Records 2007
Tep - moumou

Oleg Kostrow - 18-Çëîáíûå áëåñêè è äîáðûå ñëåçêè (from Tartuf soundtrack)

Oleg Kostrow
- 02-Ìû ïîäñåëè íà êà÷åëè (from Tartuf soundtrack 2005)

Thiaz Itch
- effervescing elephant (Syd Barret tribute)
Jan Turkenburg
- water (Chenard Walker tribute vol1 2007)

Chenard Walker - restructuration du message par l auditeur
The Bran Flakes - once you understand (very short spoken word excerpt !!!)
Felix Kubin and Coolhaven - there is a garden (I just can't stop playing the 45rpm for about 10 month now !)


The Spotnicks

I bought today for 1 €, in a vinyl record store in bankruptcy (sniffing and drying my tears), a 45rpm E.P. (released on a french label : President records) of the famous swedish surf band from the 60's The Spotnicks (i thought it was a great found, but i can hear Mr Dantefontana laughing !).
The band is still playing, on tour mainly in Sweden, check their official website

Here is a video of the men in action with the track Rocket Man from 1962:

uploaded by Thundernest
As he pointed out : "
The Rocket Man (1962) was addapted from Russian folksong "Polyushka Polye" or "Polyushko-Pole" (Cossack Patrol/Meadowland/Song Of The Plains/Oh My Fields/Cavalry of the Steppes).This song with its inspiring melody, which is restlessly driving on, was created in the years of the Russian revolution 1917-1922. It probably was sung by the white army first, but soon also by the "Reds". First recorded by The Red Army Choir in the 1930s on Melodiya (Lev Knipper/ Viktor Gusev).
As the band is still playin' nowadays, running a website and making records, i can't share this record here.

... Send
an email.

Harry Smith

harry smith " was an artist whose activities and interests put him at the center of the mid twentieth-century American avant-garde. Although best known as a filmmaker and musicologist, he frequently described himself as a painter, and his varied projects called on his skills as an anthropologist, linguist, and translator. He had a lifelong interest in the occult and esoteric fields of knowledge, leading him to speak of his art in alchemical and cosmological terms."
Here is the fourth part of his Early Abstractions
project (1946-57)

Harry Smith > No. 10: Mirror Animations (1957) uploaded by Don Juan Aux Enfers
Follow the links and download the essential Harry Smith's folk 78rpm collection :
Anthology of American Folk Music (originally released on Folkways in 1952) with 84 songs from various artists recorded between 1927 and 1932. A must have !

zSHARE disc1
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zSHARE disc3
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zSHARE disc6

Read an interesting review
by Paul D. Miller a.k.a. Dj Spooky at realitysandwich.com

Un grand merci à Ni !


Sex, drugs and violence ... american teens.
Polaroids by Dash Snow.

David Choe got arrested for punching out an undercover detective in Tokyo in December of 2004. Then he spent four months in solitary confinement in a Japanese prison. Deprived of
his usual drawing and painting tools, David improvised materials out of whatever he could scrape together in his tiny cell, including soy sauce and his own urine.

Monsters drawings by 12 years old Adam Sjoblom.

Andres Gonzalez lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.

These artists are all part of an ongoing project curated by
Tim Barber, an online gallery featuring submissions by thousands of young contemporary artists from all over the world. Photographies, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations ... at tinyvices.com


A skull a day ...

Making a skull image every day for a year.

You can see them all here... skulladay.blogspot.com


60's asian a go-go beat

Hooray ! This morning i received a package from Japan : 3 CD-Rs samplers generously send to me by Mr Pretty Flamingo. Yes about 100 tracks of original 60's rock garage beats from asia for FREE. All he asks in return is that you do the same with your own favorite music , that's a deal ! His samplers are rips from original LPs and 45rpms , one of the samplers is dedicated to the Honk Kong scene.
I have to confess here that i don't have finish yet to rip my own 60's french a go-go beat records ... i am working on it, don't worry pretty, i will send the CD-Rs as soon as possible !
Now i know what some of you might say : why not simply sharing downloadable .mp3 files samplers ? My answer is because there is no better feeling than to open his mailbox in the morning and to found a little package from the other side of planet earth with unknown music inside !
Thanks again Toshi...
Check his website full of A go-go Asian 60's beat


DoYouSpeakEnglish? archive

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101:Now on PCL Linkdump!

PCL, Go check it now ! For my 101 post i have an announcement : i become part of Mr Dantefontana's PCL Linkdump team ( i am sure most of you already know it, for those who don't, go check it now you crazy fool !). I'll be haunting PCL blog from now on, and i will continue to share my half an hour radio mixes and all kinds of amazing founds here ...