The Spotnicks

I bought today for 1 €, in a vinyl record store in bankruptcy (sniffing and drying my tears), a 45rpm E.P. (released on a french label : President records) of the famous swedish surf band from the 60's The Spotnicks (i thought it was a great found, but i can hear Mr Dantefontana laughing !).
The band is still playing, on tour mainly in Sweden, check their official website

Here is a video of the men in action with the track Rocket Man from 1962:

uploaded by Thundernest
As he pointed out : "
The Rocket Man (1962) was addapted from Russian folksong "Polyushka Polye" or "Polyushko-Pole" (Cossack Patrol/Meadowland/Song Of The Plains/Oh My Fields/Cavalry of the Steppes).This song with its inspiring melody, which is restlessly driving on, was created in the years of the Russian revolution 1917-1922. It probably was sung by the white army first, but soon also by the "Reds". First recorded by The Red Army Choir in the 1930s on Melodiya (Lev Knipper/ Viktor Gusev).
As the band is still playin' nowadays, running a website and making records, i can't share this record here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes cool
J'ai sguéné le PCL
Ajouté a mon netvibes tsé


mrdantefontana said...

Well, I think the Spotnicks where a fabulous band visually. And some of their early tunes where as good as other cool intrumental/surf bands tracks at that time. So I am doing no laughing.