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Farewell Comfort Stand (part2)


COMFORT STAND netlabel special selection part#2.

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"Strengh for living" by The Stalneckess found via Bizarre Records , a collection of rare awful vinyl cover art.
csr049 Pearl Of Joy - Gloria "wakka chikka wakka whikka" 2004 //
csr023 Chenard Walker - Fancy Fluid "The Lotus Opus" 2004 //
csr012 Mrs Grossman & Monty - Driver Education "Education And What" 2004 //
csr048 E. Gallun & C. Stecker - Brain Science Bicycle Fascism "Comfort Cake" 2004

csr048 Songs To Drink & Drive By - Anarchy
"Comfort Cake" 2004 //
csr048 Lullabelle - Supa Kuro "Comfort Cake" 2004 //
csr051 Chenard Walker & Chicky Arad - Childhood "Monster" 2004 //
csr006 Lullabelle - misdirection "The Trial Of Florasador Gehrboyzel" 2004 //
csr029 Dale - Part#1(spoken words) "Meet You At The 7-Eleven" 2004 //
csr511 Chenard Walker - Rock n' Roll Boy "Comfort Stand Singles #511" 2004 //
csr007 Fortyone - XXL "Different Mayonnaise" 2004 //
csr010 Georgia & August Greenberg - Big Girls "Sings Songs For You And Me" 2004
csr058 Puyo Puyo - Lilly's Box "Lullabots" 2005 //
csr023 Chenard Walker - Wizz Pop (outro) "The Lotus Opus" 2004.
I hope you'll take some time to check out the wonderful collection of FREE MP3 albums available from COMFORT STAND netlabel.
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Farewell Comfort Stand


netlabel special selection part#1

A bad news dropped in my mailbox from OTIS FODDER newsletter :
"I realize that this news comes on April Fools day, however this is no joke. After a two year and five month run, we have closed
COMFORT STAND(2003-2006)...
THE PROJECT IS OVER and we will no longer release new works. All of our music will remain online. Free and for a very long time."

COMFORT STAND is/was/still a very prolific NET LABEL with artists such as The Bran Flakes, Messer Chups, The Coconut Monkey Rocket, Martinibomb, Puyo Puyo, The Space Lady, Kim & Buran, Okapi, Fortyone, The Lounge King, Chenard Walker, Tapeworm Collective .... and many many more excentric artists playing all kinds of beautiful music.

The Comfort Stand philosophy :
" We are not a business. We're not out to make a profit. There are no banners, popups, or spam at Comfort Stand. You don't have to register yourself to download the music you like. We operate under the ideology that money need not come between artists and audience. "
csr012_Mrs Grossman - Music Apreciation "Education and what not whit mrs Grossman and Monty"2004//
csr025_Okapi - My Secret Love(D-Day remix)

csr048_Fortyone - What Is All About "Comfort

csr048_Martinibomb - Dizzy Ke Peeche "Comfort Cake"2004//
csr048_Chenard Walker - Time For A Change "Comfort Cake"2004//
csr049_The Lounge King - Ici La Femme xxx Miss Louise Vertigo "Wakka chikka wakka chikka"2004//
csr041_Fortyone - I Want The Princess "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr041_Fortyone - I Sample The World's Finest Whats The Finest "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr041_Fortyone - Hello It's Time For Music "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr002_Twizzle - Falling "Soda Fountain"2000//
csr041_Fortyone - Yeah part2 "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr025_Okapi - Bah "Bah !"2004//
csr020_The Lounge King and Monsieur Max - A Gigantic Spacecraft "Interplanetary Materials"2004.
PART#2 coming soon ...