【悪夢の狂宴】 たのしいインド電波歌謡

【悪夢の狂宴】 たのしいインド電波歌謡
The title is in japanese but the video clip is undoubtly bollywoodesque, if anybody knows anything about this clip please drop a comment!
Thanks to Papy Potage:
Film Tollywood "Adavi Donga" (1985)
acteurs : Chiranjeevi et Radha


I dreamed i was wanted

(click to enlarge)
Vintage Maidenform bra ad from 1960.


Mamie Van Doren show : italo!

invité spécial: MC Italolo et Doctor Disco

Doin' the bird!

The Trashmen
- Surfin' Bird (1963).
In fact there is only the singer/drummer
Steve Wahrer and his rumbling vocals doing crazy bird dance!
It is followed by a short interview of the young Steve...
--originally uploaded by BeyondTheBeat

This song is a combination of 2 R&b hits by The Rivingtons: Papa Oom Mow Mow and The Bird's The Words from 1962

Via Yesterdays Gold (You can download The Rivingtons - The Liberty years album there)

Now that you've got the music, you are ready to learn doin' the bird dance with The Rivingtons.
Thanks to the original uploader, our friend Filo Loco from deadlicious


Biere et Valse sentimentale

I am not really in advertising campaigns and i won't post anymore ads here, execpt if the product itself has disappeared a long time ago from the supermarkets shelves. This product here is still available, right, but i LOVE this song : Tchaikovsky - Valse Sentimentale, theremin played by Clara Rockmore
The surrealistic early cinema approach of this commercial also seduce me, i must admit it!
Cheers !

TV memorabilia

Hasbro pie in the face toy from early 70's.

via the excellent TV Networks channel on YouTube, Ira Gallen did a great work, collecting and restoring hundreds of old 16mm and 35 mm film prints and kinescope during the last 30 years.
Support his work, go and check his website: www.tvdays.com
Encore bravo et merci!

Know matter what vote ...


vintage italian comics

Originally uploaded by bebecyanure

A Flickr set with more than 100 italian comics from the 60s available for your eyes pleasure only.

logos from music bands

Click on the logos to learn more about their design.


Janis Martin - Bang Bang (1958)

Janis Martin a.k.a. The Female Elvis - Bang Bang (1958)

Original post about Janis, full of interesting informations, via the excellent Yesterdays Gold blog. You can download her complete dischopgraphy there. What are you waiting for ?!

One post leads to the other ... whatch this 40s 50s french bang bang girls share on Deadlicious by Filo Loco. F
amous french mag "Paris-Hollywood", featuring Jane Russel. Late 40's?
(click to enlarge)

Tonto in Phantom Of The Paradise (1974)

Tonto in Phantom Of The Paradise (1974) written and directed by Bian De palma

Heino Und Jerry im über Space music blog latest share:
Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Zero Time (1971) (better check their original post directly with more details and a preview of all the album songs and a download available of course)
Thanks to Mr Dante'goodtaste'fontana for linking this today on PCL.
And thanks a lot to our friends Heino und Jerry from Germany for this wonderful share.


Reverend Frost is back!

Wade Curtiss - Real Cool
HEEEEEEEEEE's BAAAAAAAAAACK from the grave, the one and only Real cool Reverend Frost.
Halleluyah brothers! Cheers Rev.!

Keep your friends!


Jeanne Carmen - a true glamourous pin-up queen

Jeanne Carmen: My Wild, Wild Life As A New York Pin Up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer, and Hollywood Actress.
Jeanne started in show business aged 17, she became soon a burlesque dancer, a cheesecake model, a b-movie actress, a trick shot golfer . She hanged out with The Rat Pack and was a close friend of Marilyn Monroe (she said!).
Lately she was acting in 2002 for Rob Zombie's horror movie : House of 1000 corpses (though it was filmed, the scene was later cut). But i won't tell you more, she was a true glamourous pin-up queen, go check his thrilling story there: Diary Of A Man Out Of Time

R.I.P. Spicy Jeanne.
A lot of videos from YouTube user nymodel777

Abel Gance - La Folie du Docteur Tube (1915)

Early experimental film by Abel Gance

Soundtrack composed by Maid Marian (the original uploader) click the link to his YouTube profile he's got a lot of early cinema masterpieces. And another profile dedicated to all the 1950's B-movies style videos Young Hellion. Same user, different styles. An artist!
Also visit his website (under construction) www.maidmarianclassicmedia.com and www.euterpejones.com

Mamie Van Doren ! 1950's teen B Movies style

A photo of Mamie Van Doren that i've found lately. It's from the teen B movie "Untamed Youth" (1956)
Mamie Van Doren sings at the end of this excerpt in "Untamed Youth"

Eddie Cochran sings Cotton Picker always in "Untamed Youth"

A clip from the teen B movie "
High School Confidential" (1958)

...And, "Another great clip from "High School Confidential". This clip features Phillipa Fallon as a beat poetess. That's Uncle Fester, AKA Jackie Coogan on piano behind her. Turn your eyes inside and dig the vacuum."

Via YouTube user Young Hellion from Iceland?. Thanks a lot!

Last but not least: from Girls Town (1959)
Mamie Van Doren sings Hey mama!

Mamie Van Doren - The Girl Who Invented Rock n' Roll "Go Go Calypso" (1986) [Rhino Records]
Her complete discography is here

From Mamie's official website: www.mamievandoren.com
"I have never been a Marilyn Monroe wannabe.I have always been happy in my own skin!"
--Mamie Van Doren, December 29, 2007

"At my age, having an orgasm is like having an occasional cocktail."
--Mamie Van Doren

Ghostown - Phantomatics (V1.02)

Oh goodness! some fantastic phantomatics sounds found on the web ... True psychedelic Hip-Hop!
Listening to this album, for exemple track n°06/Big Moustache , the fuzz saturated guitars, the jazz organ and Rael's lazy flow, or track n°04/Red Dog and his accordion balkan beat feeling makes me strongly believe in hip-hop multiplicity and richness!

This album is freely available for download on Jamendo

" Ghostown is a Anglo-French hip-hop project headed by rapper/lyricist/keyboardist Rael. It is a hip hop style that borrows strongly from both trip hop and euro electro-pop. Rael’s influences include such diverse artists as Brian Eno, Talking Heads, and Tom Waits. His songs exhibit these influences in their almost anti-pop stance. This is music on the artist’s own terms complete with dark moods and rough beats. "

Thanks Marvin! via Free Album Galore blog


A sunday live lazy mix

photo: www.shorpy.com

I woke up this morning with the irresistible will of torturing my turntables and my vinyl records. I plugged my headphones and while picking the records as quickly and randomly as i could, i started mixing them live with my good old MK2 ... Please remember this has been recorded live! You may recognize among others: Tipsy (the remixes LP), Amon Tobin, Gangpol und Mit, Project Bicycle, Desmond Leslie, and a lot of spoken word records.

Dj No Breakfast
- a sunday live lazy mix
Here is the 42 min. mix, raw and uncut: DOWNLOAD

[If you want to listen to it via the player: press play and then pause, wait 1 or 2 minutes, then press play again, enjoy!]


Pop citrouille / Jenny Rock

Opening credits for
Pop Citrouille T.V. show (1979-1985) / Radio-Canada. Uploaded by aprovencher27 from canadadefantaisie.com While browsing his videos, i found this canadian yeye classic: Jenny Rock singing douliou dou St Tropez.(1965)

Wreck and Salvage - Diamonds are girl's best friend

produced by Wreck & Salvage
Following the influence of one iconic performance through the waves of both popular and unpopular culture.

#UPDATE today the 14th:
Passing Thru (produced by Wreck and Salvage)


Vampira R.I.P. (1921-2008)

The first Vampira, the one and only Vampira, the great Maila Nurmi a.k.a. Vampira has just died on the 10th of January 2008, aged 86.
Excellent tribute via arglebargle

Vampiras Attic
Vampira on YouTube
R.I.P. dear goddess.

Movie stills from Star Trek

A Flick'r set via Poletti

Poletti's full gallery


RX : The end of the world

A new video mash-up by RX

LP#10 Le Multi exerciseur K-TEL

"Assouplissez vous en musique!"
I found this 45rpms record this week in a thrift shop, always looking for the weirdest ones!
K-TEL multi exersiceur is a perfect funny material for all audio collagists and fitness enthousiasts.

both sides in one .ZIP file.


home-made metal furniture from beer cans

Girls know how to have fun!

The Fuzztones do The Sonics - the witch

Back in the 80's, in N.Y.C., The Fuzztones doing The Sonics' song : The Witch.



Famous bollywood GUMNAAM (1965) music by Shankar Jaikishan generously shared on Music From The Third Floor (THE bollywood vinyl sharity blog). This soundtrack features the famous song Jan Pahechan ho with Mohammed Rafi, as danced to by Enid over the title credits in "Ghost World" (2001) directed by Terry Zwigoff.
For those of you who don't know this song watch this !

Watch the original movie trailer here


Happy new year!??

A happy new year !??
I sincerely hope so ...
Thanks to all my fellow readers and dear friends, i wish you all the best for 2008.