LP#10 Le Multi exerciseur K-TEL

"Assouplissez vous en musique!"
I found this 45rpms record this week in a thrift shop, always looking for the weirdest ones!
K-TEL multi exersiceur is a perfect funny material for all audio collagists and fitness enthousiasts.

both sides in one .ZIP file.


Anonymous said...

Your page rocks!! I do silk screens in a shop here in the States and the owner has a collection of obscure pictures such as what you have on your blog. When I get my blog up and going again I will scan some and drop you a link.
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magic moments travel said...

the picture of the vinyl records reminds me of my childhood.

cool blog :)

whoops said...

If anyone is interested, i have the booklet that was distributed with this Ktel record.

PhantomOfTheRadio said...

Wonderful! I am interested! Do you think you could scan it for me? I will put it on my blog with full credits to your blog.