Ghostown - Phantomatics (V1.02)

Oh goodness! some fantastic phantomatics sounds found on the web ... True psychedelic Hip-Hop!
Listening to this album, for exemple track n°06/Big Moustache , the fuzz saturated guitars, the jazz organ and Rael's lazy flow, or track n°04/Red Dog and his accordion balkan beat feeling makes me strongly believe in hip-hop multiplicity and richness!

This album is freely available for download on Jamendo

" Ghostown is a Anglo-French hip-hop project headed by rapper/lyricist/keyboardist Rael. It is a hip hop style that borrows strongly from both trip hop and euro electro-pop. Rael’s influences include such diverse artists as Brian Eno, Talking Heads, and Tom Waits. His songs exhibit these influences in their almost anti-pop stance. This is music on the artist’s own terms complete with dark moods and rough beats. "

Thanks Marvin! via Free Album Galore blog