1930's Ipod cane !


So that a pedestrian may enjoy broadcast programs wherever he goes, a German, inventor, Alfred Mintus, has devised what he calls a “radio walking stick.” Outwardly it resembles an ordinary cane, but the interior contains a miniature receiver and batteries. The user has merely to plant the stick in the ground, adjust a pair of pocket ‘phones to his ears, and listen in, as illustrated in the photograph.
It only remains now for the inventor to perfect the apparatus so the pedestrian need not interrupt his walk while listening in
, a possibility foreseen by the inventor of the cane.


The Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone - From Agnes - With Love
envoyé par asteve001

In this episode a computer called "Agnes" fall in love with the engineer who is in charge of "her".
First seen on Channel 53 video blog.


Stone Throw Records : "Chrome Children vol.2"

This is an addition to my Saint Valentine's day post about Peanut Butter Wolf and Stone Throw records ... i forgot to mention that there is also the Chrome Children vol.2 compilation available, it will cost you nothing more than a click with your mouse. (link)
It features hip hop of course, but also funk, soul, and breakbeat with artist such as Madlib, Roc C, Percee P, J Rocc ... and many more.
H E A R T H I S !!!


Rita Hayworth in "Affair in Trinidad" (1952)

The incredibly attractive Rita Hayworth dancing and singing like a goddess of fire in the film "Affair In Trinidad" (from 1952) directed by Vincent Sherman.
Original music by George Doning & Morris Stoloff.
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LP#3 The discotheque dance album (1966)

R 33 892/RS 892 SD Command Records
The Discotheque Dance Album (1966) starring Tony Mottola, Dick Hyman, Doc Severinsen, Bob Haggart and an All-Star Orchestra directed by Bobby Byrne.
Dance, dance, dance to these fabulous discotheque dances, enjoy the legendary stereophonic sounds from Command Records
--- Titles :
Taste of Honey/I'm Henry VIII/St. Louis Blues/I'm Telling You/Old Devil Moon/Mr. Tambourine Man/Bathtub- Saturday Night/King of the Road/Gonna Build a Mountain/My Girl Sloopy/Tonight/Baby Love
--- sound & cover art :
The Discotheque Dance Album (1966)
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Found Tapes

Harold Shellinx : Found Tapes Exhibition

"Some years ago, the Dutch musician, sound artist and researcher started a tape collection by wandering through the streets of cities and suburbia, looking for leftovers, picking up thrown away tapes that otherwise would have been worn up by weathers and time to finally vanish completely.
On the Found Tapes Exhibition website, one can not only view photographs of his found tapes but also browse the contents of these revived Frankenstein style mix-tapes, but listen to and download their soundings as well. And from time to time, the artist invites the audience to live performances based on the acoustic treasures of his collection."
Found Tapes

found via We Make Money Not Art
Here comes a photo of a fossilized tape i took in Brooklyn, under the Williamsburg Bridge in may 2006.


Mamie Van Doren fait son show

samedi 24 février
Mamie Van Doren et la variété underground
au Petit London, 7 rue Riquet à Toulouse (20h > 03h / 3€).

Cabaret, boum, concert avec des djs, mais aussi des vedettes internationales toulousaines qui joueront des reprises de variété méconnues en live unplugged comme sur Mtv.

Prochaines soirée prévues le 17 mars, le 7 avril et le 12 mai toujours au Petit London. my found photos


50 incredible rap songs and valentine's day !

50 incredible rap songs you need to hear ... right now.
Brought to you by the Ohwordians, Unkut Robbie and yours truly. check at : www.ohword.com

30 songs are already available in .mp3 on the Ohword website, so don't you think it is time for you to learn , time for you to listen to some of the best hip-hop gems of the past 25 years ! Grab it baby, grab it !
Found via
Cocaïne, Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes

So today it is valentine's day and my love is working up there in the mountains ...
This week i had other stuffs to do so i haven't finish yet my valentine's day mix ! Maybe i'll continue it on tonight. But i found a mix by Dj Peanut Butter Wolf available in .mp3 for free on the Stones Throw records website (link)

Photo: Cradle & Crime courtesy of Janice Records. (from Cocaïne, Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes)


LP#2 Arnold Stang's Waggish Tales (1960)

Arnold Stang's Waggish Tales of
Peter and The Wolf and Ferdinand The Bull

A classic entertainer from the 1950's and 1960's ...
The liner notes says : "
Arnold Stang, wearing the glasses familiar to millions of TV, movies and legitimate stage fans, raised his voice a pitch to its instantly-recognized nasal tones, and proceeded to impart his distinctive charm to the classic children's stories "Peter and The Wolf" and "Ferdinand The Bull". At Mr. Tang first words, the men in the control room smiled and settled back for a program of pure enjoyment by one of their favorite entertainers."
Grab the complete album + front and back cover art