50 incredible rap songs and valentine's day !

50 incredible rap songs you need to hear ... right now.
Brought to you by the Ohwordians, Unkut Robbie and yours truly. check at : www.ohword.com

30 songs are already available in .mp3 on the Ohword website, so don't you think it is time for you to learn , time for you to listen to some of the best hip-hop gems of the past 25 years ! Grab it baby, grab it !
Found via
Cocaïne, Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes

So today it is valentine's day and my love is working up there in the mountains ...
This week i had other stuffs to do so i haven't finish yet my valentine's day mix ! Maybe i'll continue it on tonight. But i found a mix by Dj Peanut Butter Wolf available in .mp3 for free on the Stones Throw records website (link)

Photo: Cradle & Crime courtesy of Janice Records. (from Cocaïne, Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes)