folkpop dhamaka mashup (indian masala sounds)

What Rebel Uppa says about his mix:

" All tunes in this masala funky flavoured mashup mix are selected from over 100's of cdr's, video cd's and cassettes that I picked up on my trip in India in 2007. In modern day India, music is part of every day life on the street where distorted sounds blast from shops, riksha's, buses, temples or weddings in many musical styles. Folkpop is the hybrid of old folk music and new pop/dance made with digital techniques. The frequent use of vocoder, autotune and other effects give it a culture-clashing sound where old traditions meet the changing modern times. The folkpop mixed here is a mash of Sambalpuri, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Haryana and Gujarati dancepop styles. There's so much more to India than Bollywood alone. If you look deeper into the local culture of the many states, you'll find a unique sound that follows the same wave that rolls allover India. You can order this mix as a handmade cd-r with colourful artwork, for just 5€ at info@rebelup.org "

So Yeah, A Clear Tracklisting Was Quite Impossible Here because Most Of The Titles/Artists Were Written In Hindi & Local Languages, Or Marked As Unknown Mp3'S. Not An Easy Task To Translate All That, So Consider It A Mystery. Just Let The Music Speak For Itself :)


Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 012 - 2010-01-27 / Monsieur Tympan


MVDX.012 playlist de l'émission du 27-01-10 / Les vieilleries sonores de Monsieur Tympan

Monsieur Tympan à la demande des disques SUPER MOYEN, a vidé ses greniers sonographiques, fouillé dans sa mémoire sonore morte et secrète, pour rassembler quelques prothèses auditives empreintes “De Passion, de Philosophie, de Charme et de Western… et tout ça au coeur de la Provence!”

Monsieur Tympan has just collaborated with SUPER MOYEN records ! He emptied his sonographics attics, searched in his sound dead and secret memory, to get some hearing aids with “Passion, Philosophy, Charming and Western .. . and everything in the very heart of Provence! “

BABA YAGA - back in USSR

interlude - radio + club love

jingle - MVD In Xanadu

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - serial sonore

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - sur le pont

TONY ALEXI - je en suis pas Beethoven

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - avec ou sans carottes


YOSI HORIKAWA - cook from the south 20090207

interview - de Monsieur Tympan


OUSBA - mange grosse connasse

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - croyez à l'amour


MONSIEUR TYMPAN - dance party telephonique

PROTOPYPES avec GUY BOUCHER - dnase sur la la la polka (Dj Degueulasse remix)

ANALOGIK - farlight monster

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - leçon de langues


BENNI - enchufa

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - cher roudoudou

GINO PALATINO - Bouba star

CAPA REZZA - Io Diventerò Qualcuno

MONSIEUR TYMPAN - western capitalism

musique de campagne officielle - j'aime ma boite


outro MISIACZEK - pipolepapou (extrait)


Selection et morceaux de Monsieur Tympan
son premier album "Les Vieilleries Sonores De Monsieur Tympan" est en téléchargement libre sur le netlabel Les Disques SUper Moyen


A NE PAS RATER: "le Top Moumoutte de Monsieur Tympan" sur Musilangage.
A ecouter avec modération


2 deleted scenes from Pagan Love Song (1950)

Why have they been deleted ???
found via Pour 15 Minutes d'Amour

quality mash-up

infos and download here: http://www.teasearecords.net/wuvsbeatles.cfm

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles was created by Tom Caruana and released in Jan 2010
It was downloaded over 50,000 times in 2 month before having to be removed for legal reasons!

Still available on soulseek / torrent / filesharing

ifos and download here: http://www.bootlegsfr.com/jedetestesergegainsbourg/


Mrs Muddle and The Bananas

via Donna Lethal Tumblr (from PCL)


Exposition "Hello Lilith" (espace GHP)

vendredi 5 fev 2010 à 19h
vernissage exposition collective "Hello Lilith" avec Dj No Breakfast
Espace GHP, 11 descente de la halle aux poissons, Toulouse.

Sophie Bacquié, Muriel Décaillet, Océane Moussé, Yasmina, du 5 fev au 20 mars 2010.

invisible ghost (1941)

The reappearance of a man's "thought to be dead" wife turns him into a crazed killer...

Watch the whole movie for free online via veoh.com


Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 011 - 2010-01-20 / The PARTY


playlist de l'émission du 20-01-10 / The PARTY

JOHN BUZON TRIO - mister ghost goes to town

VIVI BACH und DIETMAR SCHöNHERR - molotow cocktail party

HAPPY MONSTERS - clap your tentacles


HAROLD RAY - ain't nothing but a house party


DEAN MARTIN and JERRY LEWIS - that certain party


birdy num num (interlude)

BUDDY KNOX - party doll

THE TORNADOS - scalping party

GEORGE GAVARENZ - haschisch party

ANDRE PREVIN - executive party dance

THIERRY VINCENT - Munich party

LESLEY GORE - it's my party

LOS SHAKERS - it's my party

JOHNATHAN RICHMAN and THE MODERN LOVERS - party in the woods tonight



la dance party de Nadine (interlude)

SLAGSMåLSKLUBBEN - Malmoe beach night party

HELLO MY NAME IS JOEL AIMé - this is my party

??? - birthday party

BEACH PARTY - KIDS - night time beach fire


Selection/mix de Ping Pong et de Dj No Breakfast


Jim Jarmusch says ...

stolen from waxinandmilkin.com

Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 010 - 2010-01-13 / amitié et alcoolisme


playlist de l'émission du 13-01-10 / amitié et alcoolisme

"Une amitié sans limites" > Mix de Henri Cording pour DJ no Breakfast

Yoko Shimomura - Friendship (extrait)

Alan Tew Orchestra - Hot Toddy

Tony Randall and Jack Klugman - Friendship

Diego Bernal - My Friend Wants To Know (Interlude)

Michel Magne - L'amitié

Les Fleurs De Pavot - Le Marchand d'amitié

Ça suffit la guimauve (interlude)

Chris & Peter Allen - Just Friends

Stefano Torossi - Being Friendly

Jerry Van Rooyen - Pin Stripes & Machine Gun (extrait)

Larry Greco - Pas d'amis pas d'amour

Arthur Lyman - With A Little Help From My Friends

Gunter Kallman Half - As Nice

Je n'ai pas d'amis (interlude)

Swearingen How Firm Thy - Friendship (extrait)

Masamichi Amano - Friendship

Martin & Finley - Best Friends (outro)


"Les mélomanes anonymes"
> Mix de Dj No Breakfast pour Henri Cording

Jean Riguaux - riguaudrioles: le vin d Arbois (interlude)

jingle: compte a rebours (interlude)

Benoit Rome - bonne année (1970)

Georges Garabedian productions - Tequila and squirt

Glenmor - les larmes d'un copain

The Baronet - le telephone 75

Dj Earlybird - serge Gainsbourg vs Elvis vs Dolly Parton

Annie Girardot - absence prolongée (extrait)

Tom Waits - just the right bullets

P. dastrosz et Gèse - Bois ... de l'Arbois

Hasil Adkins - chicken on the bone

Belle planète - faut qu'jarrête de boire

Henning - live @ Mamie Van Doren "Saint Valentin" (extrait) (2009)

Sparklehorse + Fennesz - shai-hulud (extrait)

Rick Powell - i walk the line

Le vin d 'arbois (extrait)

Selection/mix de Dj No Breakfast

Listen to Henri Cording mixes every week @ "les hommes préfèrent les ondes"


Jim Henson - Time piece (1964)

"Time Piece is an experimental short film produced, directed, and written by Jim Henson, who also played the leading role. Henson began the project in the spring of 1964 and continued to work on it for nearly a year, between commercial projects and various Muppet television appearances. The short film premiered in May 1965 at the Museum of Modern Art and was distributed through Pathe Contemporary films to arthouse theaters and the film festival circuit. It played in New York City along with the French feature A Man and a Woman", originally posted by Billiam J

Thanks to Thiaz Itch and Tracky Birthday for showing this to me.


LP#20 space 1999 : the future is fantastic!

Hear four exciting space adventures from Space 1999



Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 009 - 2009-12-30 / adieu 1969

DOWNLOAD (part1)

DOWNLOAD (part 2)

MVDX.009 playlist de l'émission du 30-12-09 / adieu 1969 (2 heures)

Olivier Foy - la dinde de noël (mini conte) (1981)

Un Drame Musical Instantané - pas de cadeau (1981)

Luc Le Masne - moi et mon casio (1981)

Bérénice - alors dieu chatia l homme (1970)

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - got it together (1972)


Jess and James - nothing but love (1967)

Evariste - Si j'ai les cheveux longs c'est pour pas m'enrhumer atchoum (1969)

Evariste - Evariste aux fans (1969)

Spauv George - ça va pas (1966)


Jean Claude Vannier - un petit singe qui (1985)

Robert Pico - le chien fidèle (1967)

Nino Ferrer - les yeux de Laurence (1969)

Robert Pico - je suis fait pour l'amour (1966)

Jack Arel et Pierre Dutour - following you (1969)


Nancy Holloway - aie je veux vivre (1968)

Spauv George - je suis l'état (1966)

Pierre Henry - Jericho Jerk (édition anglaise - 1968 - Philips 4FE8004 DeccaMk1)

Pierre Henry - teen tonic (édition anglaise - 1968 - Philips 4FE8004 DeccaMk1)

Giorgio Carnini - Piccolo Ma Beat (197?)

Bruno Nicolai - Eugenie (1970)

part 2

Michel Magne - grand theme Malko (1982)

MRR-ADM - A3 (Unknown 10)

Chicago - i'm a man (part1) (1970)

Zen - i am tired again (19??)


Rumplestiltskin - pate de fois gras (1970)

Sylvano Santorio - OK RIchard (197?)

Jacques Brel - les F... (1977)

Sam & Dave - soul sister, brown sugar (1968)

Serge Gainsbourg et Jean Claude Vannier - la horse (1969)


Paul Piot - poivre, piments et pin-up (196?)

Paul Piot - rêve pour un Beattle (196?)

Jan Turkenburg - season greetings 2009 (unreleased)

Alexis HK - comme une vierge (2005)


Vivi Bach - voulez vous monsieur (1961)

Kalyanji Anandji - pretty pretty prya (1968)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester - space patrol (1966)


Selection/mix de Dj No Breakfast

Un grand merci à MOOGSENSATIONS pour avoir partagé Robert Pico, Spauv George, Nancy Holloway ... et tant d autres