Dj No Breakfast - X mas mix 2008

A fresh X mas mix for you! Get it here (.mp3 / 55 min)

With tracks by Dj No Breakfast, Dj Bc, Dj Flack, The Button, Atom, Cassetteboy, Faroff, Hardoff,Martinn, Tipsy, National Lampoon, The Sonics, Paddy Roberts, Christmas Jingle Dogs, Chinese Kids Choir, Clebanoff and his orchestra, Bert Kaempfert, Nichole and The Dreamcatchers ...

Another good X mas mix for you, by mi amigo Doctor Disco, download it via his brand new blog Dig In THe Disco


exotic holidays

click to get the songsclick to get the songs
two great compilations for this holiday, both found on well known and beloved blogs Xtabay's World and Music From The Third Floor. Surf/exotica (old and new) and bollywood a gogo! ... enjoy!

Sad Salamanders - the exotic Sandy Warner
Rahul Dev Burman - music


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trying to be funny

Dj No Breakfast
- Santa Claus is drinking!


No gifts for you naughty boy!

3 Xmas comedy mixes by
Dj Hickory Dickory Doc
, featuring a dice n splice of christmass samples, songs & sketches in a plunderphonic style. LISTEN CLOSELY!
check it out here


60's asian pop record covers

A wonderful collection of 60's Asian pop record covers curated by Syd Presley aka David Greenfield.
visit the gallery
Thanks dear Doctor Disco for the link. Hey! By the way, Doctor has started an audio blog en francais with an english title: dig in the disco ... and i can say that he is diggin' hard! Welcome into the blogside of life Doc!


END - a girl called trouble, EP (2008)

A Girl Called Trouble from worldwentdown on Vimeo.

The new album from END "a girl called trouble" is out now on AEROCCCP Recordings and via his own website www.worldwentdown.com
END is a little band out of New York City. They're a noisy mix of electronics, surf/garage rock, old-time swing, and some other random weirdness.



Pierre Henry - machine danse (1973)

You can't miss this album. I would really like to know what kind of discotheque play that music. Somewhere on jupiter maybe!

Machine Danse

enjoy it via wheneva we bone i have 2 fake an orgasm (!!!)


El Mundo Futuro

Spanish comics from the mid 50's created by the geniously inspired Boixcar.
via the excellent spanish blog El Desvan Del Abuelito
other drawings by Mathias Alonso (El Mundo Electronico) here

The Phantom Speaks (1945)

The Phantom Speaks directed by John English (1945)
"murder by a dead man!"
via Wrong Side Of Art


The Box is online

The Box, 42 tracks of tooth-decaying goodness

with exclusive tracks/remixes by Vernon LeNoir, Satanicpornocultshop, Gangpol & Mit, Thiaz Itch, Jason Forrest ...
You can download it at Peppermills Records
Artwork by Travis Lampe


The super preachers

New Old School

Sound: SUPER PREACHERS - new oldschool
Album: Stereophonic sometimes
Label: Hazelwood Vinyl plastics
Montage: Karl Off


Vinyl obsession "The Archive"

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.
Merci PingPongJunior!

Paul Mawhinney was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the years he has amassed what has become the world's largest record collection. Due to health issues and a struggling record industry Paul is being forced to sell his collection.

This is the story of a man and his records. I hope you enjoy it.



another beautiful found photo

(click on the photo to enlarge it and see funny details!)

Thanks Thomas!


The Dogway Melody "Queenie In Trouble "(circa 1930)

60's holidays slideshow

From an Ektachrome slides collection found in Paris by a friend of mine. The holidays of Mr and Ms Millot travelling through Europe during the mid 60's.
Les diapos de Mr Millot

This slideshow was made for The Mamie Van Doren Show gig at "l'été photographique de Lectoure" 2008, (France).

more photos here


party like it was 1959

(click on picture to view high-def scan)

This photo has been taken in France around 1959 (the calendar on the table), propably new year's eve.
Thanks for this nice present Thomas! I have to watch all the slideshows now ... what a thrill!


a message from weirdo records

Bad Song Contest

That's right, Weirdo is holding a bad song contest.

To compete simply send in your bad song. It can be submitted on any recorded format. Reels, 2-track tape, 16rpm lps, wax cylinders, beta tapes, etc are perfectly welcome alongside more popular formats. If you prefer you may also submit a score or even some mere rough chord charts/lyrics/directions.

It's completely up to you to decide why the song is bad. Perhaps you know a creepy song that's quite fascinating. Perhaps there's an especially annoying song you find very intensely mediocre. Perhaps you know one that unduly pushes the limits of what could be called a song. Or you may think some entangled aesthetic combination of all of the above. The song does not necessarily have to be written/recorded by you, although originality is a factor of the judging process.

Submissions must be recieved at Weirdo by September 1st, 2008 & will not be returned. Qualifications, disqualifications, & other decisions are entirely at the discretion of Weirdo. However please note that your comments are more than welcome & all submissions will be given due consideration.

The winner of the bad song contest will receive a $50 gift certificate to Weirdo, so be sure to include your contact info along with your submission. Winner, runners up & honorable mentions will be posted on this page as they come in for all to see, hear, & guffaw over. The winner will be announced on the Weirdo email list & posted here promptly upon the end of the submission period.

What are you waiting for?

Send your submission to:

Bad Song Contest
Weirdo Records
652 Somerville Ave. #3
Somerville, MA 02143



video made by César Mendonça. music: Retrigger
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the entire album on french label Ego Twister

Hank Mizell - jungle rock (1958)

I bought this Lp recently on a flea market. I found it shared by an excellent hillbilly oriented blog Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archive (the french version of the cover art is by Gerard Olivier) not extraordinary but good old classic rockabilly.

" One of the songs that he recorded was 'Jungle Rock' a fashionable up-tempo rocker. Released in1958, the single was not a success, but years later it was re-discovered and re-released, reaching No.3 in the UK charts in 1976. An album was also recorded, it features the smash hit with a batch of classic 50s rockabilly tracks. Recorded at Singleton Sound Studio, Nashville, Tenn. between march 22 and 31, 1976. "
DOWNLOAD it here

Amazing story on : http://www.rockabillyeurope.com/references/messages/hank_mizell

Mi compadre Reverend Frost already shared a 45 from the man: check it here


PCL: New header but same good old taste!

Go check PCL LinkDump this wonderful world of retro gems shared by a gang of devoted bloggers from all over the world and where i also post sometimes!


The Broken Penis Orchestra

" Formed in 1999 by Srad Tene, carried on by Dick Flick and company. An absurdits view of the world we live in and have created for ourselves from the audio perspective. Detail to attention is necessary for redemption and gang greed.
The BPO have collaborated with Richard Rupenus and his Mixed Band Philanhropist, have been released on the Nurse With Wound - Natal Moonies CD/Absinthe box set along with Andrew Liles, and have been working on an epic Runzelstirn & Gurglestock remix project that will hopefully see the light of day soon. "
weird cut & paste!


everybody love The Singing Dogs !

Carl Weismann & The Singing Dogs.

Listen to that 78rpm records generously shared by Boot Sale Sounds blog (mp3s available there).


Party with mamie!

samedi 31 mai 2008, 20:00 -
MESSER CHUPS + Wam djs + The Mamie Van Doren Show (mix + projections)
/ O caboulot, 18 rue gaston de foix à saint jean du falga (Ariège) a 45 minutes de Toulouse.
// prévente à la médiathèque asso 6, rue de la bourse à toulouse ( 5 € ) et au caboulot les soirs de concerts (18 rue gaston de foix à saint jean du falga) et 7 € sur place.

vendredi 13 juin 2008, 19:00 - 23h30 puis la soirée continue a l interieur ...
THE MAMIE VAN DOREN SHOW (chill-out en plein air) pour la soirée Multiprises a la campagne avec UNDERGANG et un set a a djs avec ESCOBASS.
/ Association Art' Cade a Sainte Croix Volvestre (Ariège) a 40 min de Toulouse
Pour venir : de Toulouse, 40mn > dir Tarbes A63, sortie n°23 Cazères sur Garonne

samedi 14 juin 2008, 21:30 - 3:00/4:00
Le retour enfin ...
"Les hommes s'emmerdent" (dj mix + projection video + chansons en live !!!)
/ Le Breughel 30, Rue de la Chaine, place tiercerettes a Arnaud Bernard, Toulouse.

Un grand merci a Amandine pour le dessin http://amandineurruty.free.fr


mix from a mysterious friend ...


Thanks a lot mysterious friend!... feel free to introduce yourself whenever you want, alright?


The playlist:
The Wooden Hectic Rollercoaster

Edward M. Favor - Daisy Bell (1894)
Max mathews - Daisy Bell (1961)
Sissy spacek / pino donnagio - telekinesis/carrie (1976)
Anders Ilar - Rourei (2005)
Peter o' toole / john cameron - the ruling class (1972)
Pilote - turtle (1999)
artists unknown - 3-6-9 (19??)
Bob Haggart & Ray Bauduc - Big noise from Winnetka (1937)
Flanger - how long is the wrong way (extended) (2006)
Ricardo Villalobos - Andruic (2007)
Lubat - drums, live à l'Européen (2005)
J. matthews - electroexotic (1965)
Ross D. Wyllie - Do The Uptight (1968)
Sigh samples - the justin / freesound at caixaforum (2006)
Luc ferrari - heterozygote (1963)
unknown french speaker / mario's rework (1995)
Jacques loussier - pulsion (1979)
ryoji ikeda / dumb type - scanning memory (2000)
György Ligeti- Musica Ricercata (1951)
Cecile grandin - le scaphandre blanc (1968)
dominik eulberg - bird samples (2007)
pantha du prince - saturn strobe (2007)
Pingeon funk - Pigeon lips (2004)
Bing Crosby - The big movie show in the sky (1949)
György Ligeti - Adventures (1962)
Hildegarde - i dream too much (1935)
John cage - 4'33" / streched to 4"33"" (1950/2008)


LP#15 Danny Delmin leshort/petit matin. 45rpm (196?)

A french pseudo exotic record, during the 60s a french obscure artist called Dany Delmin (hard to find infos about this guy!) he produced that 45rpm with a new music freshly imported from Brasil the PATROPI ?!! Never heard of that style before, you neither, well ... groovy bass, powerful horns, and a nice breakbeat! Are your ready for the brasilian patropi!


both songs here

Typo rules! 2

a sampler of typosleeves from my 45rpm records collection! (part 2)

If you are totally crazy and liked what you hear, songs are here and here

Typo rules!

a sampler of typos from 45rpm record sleeves chosen in my collection!