LP#15 Danny Delmin leshort/petit matin. 45rpm (196?)

A french pseudo exotic record, during the 60s a french obscure artist called Dany Delmin (hard to find infos about this guy!) he produced that 45rpm with a new music freshly imported from Brasil the PATROPI ?!! Never heard of that style before, you neither, well ... groovy bass, powerful horns, and a nice breakbeat! Are your ready for the brasilian patropi!


both songs here


A La Piscine said...

Ca ne pompe pas comme il faut pour le Dani Delmin, aîe aîe !!!

see you

A La Piscine said...

Super chic génial,
It's Good !

whoops said...

Dany Delmin a sorti plusieurs 45t de Patropi, presque de quoi faire une carrière. Une certaine Maria Sandra a aussi sorti son single de Patropi avec comme musiciens le Chico Magnetic Band au grand complet.
Plus d'infos sur le site de Julian Cope:


PhantomOfTheRadio said...

Merci de partager votre science ici. I urge everyone to check WHOOPS blog! It is fantastic!