LP#13 Henri Genes 45rpm (1956)

I found this 45rpm record last sunday at a flea market. Henri Genes is a french comic/operette singer from the 50's ... Well to say the truth he sings with a pitiful latino accent ... of course Dario Moreno is not very far or Henri Slavador to name the well-known ... the jokes are poor and the lyrics not better, but there is a sweet nostalgic flavor in his songs, my overseas friends will undoubtly appreciate it a little bit more!


B1-Henri Genes : le facteur de Santa Cruz

all the songs here


ugoz said...

When I click the download button,DIVShare tells me that the File Is Not Found...
Can you fix that problem? Because I really wish to have the songs..pleeease...

PhantomOfTheRadio said...

ok Ugoz, try again and thanks for passing by.

Zer0_II said...

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baikinange said...

A French version of "Hot Diggety"? HELL yes.