The Gun Club

Two excellent albums of The Gun Club a post-punk band led by Jeffrey Lee Pierce available in mp3 at lunchmeataphobia.
Alternative garage rock, blues, country, punk... don't miss their debut album Fire Of Love from 1981. A true unique sound that will influence later number of rock bands around the world.
I've been listening to the LP hundreds of times since i bought it (Thanks goes to Dr. K Delicatessen).
Mr Dantefontana from PCL seems to be in the same mood!
NOTHING TO LOOSE. You said it!

It wasn't Mr. Dantefontana but LEX-10 (also blogging over at
PCL) who wrote that post about The Gun Club.Sorry compadre!

" Phantom of the Radio is Right. (Maybe because he was born Toulouse)

I too have been listening to The Gun Club for the last 2 weeks. It must be some kind of PCL mojo.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce was better than Dylan:

In New Orleans at the Mardi Gras
I was dancin' in a costume made of straw
some creole boy was a-lying dead
I used his blood to paint my costume red
a-black and white, I will abandon brain
for your nerves in hand and a ball of string
the marshes are sinking in a bright red sky
and you will make love to me tonight
-Jack on Fire from Fire of Love

Go read P of the R's post over again. I hereby command ye.
But first a taste:"
By LEX-10 PCL LinkDump



Lex10 said...

Um....actually, that was me.

PhantomOfTheRadio said...

pfff! What a shame ... i don't know where my mind was at that time! Will you ever forgive me?