The church of the future

video by Javier Morales & John Michael Boling.

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Gay bands
e-Jesus 1
e-jesus 2

Now i should really stop all that stupid christian posts otherwise the whole catholic blog community is going to blow my head up ! Arrrrgh fuck the fucking fuckers !


Jesus superstar

D O W N L O A D : 07-01-22_doyouspeakenglish_jesus_superstar.mp3"Buffed Jesus" photo taken by Badarama from Argentina. Thanks !


Holly Mixes

This week i've done a kind of religious selection, full of christians songs and freak preachers' speeches ... do i really need to tell you more !

R.I.P. l'Abbé.
Long Life Emmaüs.


Disco Jesus

DISCO JESUS a flipbook created by Sam Masters found via YouTube (link).


LP#1 Jim Bakker - How To Accomplish The Impossible (1977)

Hey, here come my first modest contribution to the vinyl sharity community : a full LP rip and high-def' scans for the cover art. Please not that Easy Share web hosting provide a limited hosting time of the uploaded files : 1 month after the last download.

I've found this spoken word record at Emmaüs sharity shop, This one was THE FOUND of the week-end, maybe first because it is quite unusual to found audiobooks or spoken word records in ENGLISH here in France ! (especially that kind of christian blah blah preacher speach, then the cover art is great ;-), and of course the purpose of this record :

Jim Bakker
teaching you How To Accomplish The Impossible (with The Big Three Mountain Movers).Take a look at the back cover (link above) to read more and grab the mp3s via easy share after the jump. I hope you'll enjoy this first submission, and that there will be plenty more.
Get it here
(GRT-9001) GRT/Gar-Pax Records (1977)
(NO MUSIC, only spoken words)


Listen to sweet calypso @ Schadenfreudian Therapy

"1950-60s vintage Calypso music"
(the REAL stuff, not Harry Belafonte or the souvenir steel drum music sold to tourists)....schlocky background music used in commercials and locally produced TV and radio shows in the Sixties....out of print music from Mon Rivera, Puerto Rican plena master....and various & sundry kitch classic from years gone by. Yeah, buddy."

Another music blog i'll have to visit as often as possible : Shadenfreudian Therapy a great source for calypso music
(the latest post on this blog is about one of the best-known calypso masters : Lord Kitchener and features some unavailable tracks from the man for your lucky ears). I also want to mention the
“Clear the Room” compilation, a glorious collection of some of the worst music imaginable, as describe by the author. HILARIOUS ! I can't wait for "clear the room vol.2"...
Thank you so much for sharing these precious calypso treasures.
Schadenfreudian Therapy
(Take off your shoes and go visit this blog now)


"The Real Story Of Superheroes" Dulce Pinzon

Noe Reyes
from the State of Puebla
Works as fast-food delivery boy in Brooklyn
sends home $500 per week.

"The real story of Superheroes" by Dulce Pinzon
Dulce Pinzon took photographs of mexican immigrant workers in New Yor City dressed as superheroes.
As he said : "
The principal objective of this series is to pay homage to these brave and determined men and women that somehow manage, without the help of any supernatural power, to withstand extreme conditions of labor in order to help their families and communities survive and prosper."
More photos from the exhibition
Found via the excellent We Make Money Not Art website


Tribute to Chenard Walker

I was reading on WM recordings website that
Chenard Walker a friend of the online music world, is slowly recovering from a diabetic coma. His brother reports that he is not physically suffering. He fell into the coma in September, and is now working on speech development and object differentiation
Chenard is the prolific visual and musical collage artist who operates the Free Sample Zone
with 58 releases available for download."
WM recordings are looking for some artists who would like to remix Chenard music in order to realise a tribute compilation.
More details HERE
Take care.


Happy New Year 2007

Just a little post to wish you all a happy new year.I hope you'll continue following the do you speak english ? adventures in music and sounds !
During all this year, i will continue to bring to your ears more unusual songs and hilarious spoken words for your listening pleasure.
Thanks for reading my irregular posts and for listening to my approximative mixes ...

Don't hesitate to drop a line :
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The first mix of the year is called "different time and different place"
(click on the image or link below to download)

Kalyanii Anandii - title music - Bluff Master (1962) Bombay Connection records
Lata Mangeshkar - Neend Churayi Chain Churaye (spoken words) - Anuraag (1972) Music From The Third Floor
music blog.
Old doyouspeakenglish radio jingle.
Kapalka i Jego - give me a kiss polka (1927) (excerpt)
Some german guy - artist Mr Ed ???
Conway Twitty - c'est si bon (1960)
Sound Of X - Historia de un amor Laura (1969)
another Music from the Third Floor Bollywood gem excerpt !
The Champs - tequila (1958)
The Jamies - summertime, summertime (1958)
The Tempos - see you in september (1959)
The Everly Brothers - bye bye love (1957)
Little Peggy - i wish i were a princess (1963)
Barrett Strong - money (that's what i want) (1959)
The Big Bopper - chantilly lace (1958)
Mickey & Sylvia - love is strange (1957)
(girl singing awfully)
taken from Jacob Smigel's Eavesdrop project
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - soggy style (2007) from their forthcoming album "Perpetuum Mobile" released on 23 April 2007
Slim Whitman - by the waters of the Minnetonka (1956)
Don Cherry - another time, another place (1958)
Esquivel - besame mucho (1957)
The Talbot Brothers - waiting for Mary Jane (1960)