Listen to sweet calypso @ Schadenfreudian Therapy

"1950-60s vintage Calypso music"
(the REAL stuff, not Harry Belafonte or the souvenir steel drum music sold to tourists)....schlocky background music used in commercials and locally produced TV and radio shows in the Sixties....out of print music from Mon Rivera, Puerto Rican plena master....and various & sundry kitch classic from years gone by. Yeah, buddy."

Another music blog i'll have to visit as often as possible : Shadenfreudian Therapy a great source for calypso music
(the latest post on this blog is about one of the best-known calypso masters : Lord Kitchener and features some unavailable tracks from the man for your lucky ears). I also want to mention the
“Clear the Room” compilation, a glorious collection of some of the worst music imaginable, as describe by the author. HILARIOUS ! I can't wait for "clear the room vol.2"...
Thank you so much for sharing these precious calypso treasures.
Schadenfreudian Therapy
(Take off your shoes and go visit this blog now)