Happy New Year 2007

Just a little post to wish you all a happy new year.I hope you'll continue following the do you speak english ? adventures in music and sounds !
During all this year, i will continue to bring to your ears more unusual songs and hilarious spoken words for your listening pleasure.
Thanks for reading my irregular posts and for listening to my approximative mixes ...

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The first mix of the year is called "different time and different place"
(click on the image or link below to download)

Kalyanii Anandii - title music - Bluff Master (1962) Bombay Connection records
Lata Mangeshkar - Neend Churayi Chain Churaye (spoken words) - Anuraag (1972) Music From The Third Floor
music blog.
Old doyouspeakenglish radio jingle.
Kapalka i Jego - give me a kiss polka (1927) (excerpt)
Some german guy - artist Mr Ed ???
Conway Twitty - c'est si bon (1960)
Sound Of X - Historia de un amor Laura (1969)
another Music from the Third Floor Bollywood gem excerpt !
The Champs - tequila (1958)
The Jamies - summertime, summertime (1958)
The Tempos - see you in september (1959)
The Everly Brothers - bye bye love (1957)
Little Peggy - i wish i were a princess (1963)
Barrett Strong - money (that's what i want) (1959)
The Big Bopper - chantilly lace (1958)
Mickey & Sylvia - love is strange (1957)
(girl singing awfully)
taken from Jacob Smigel's Eavesdrop project
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - soggy style (2007) from their forthcoming album "Perpetuum Mobile" released on 23 April 2007
Slim Whitman - by the waters of the Minnetonka (1956)
Don Cherry - another time, another place (1958)
Esquivel - besame mucho (1957)
The Talbot Brothers - waiting for Mary Jane (1960)


Emmanuel said...

Hey bro, merci pour les goodies

je sors d'un devoir de grammaire et stylistique (que du bonheur) la tête en choucroute, suis une boule de nerf, envie de casser des briques avec le revers de ma main ou de fumer un pétard gros comme les cuisses d'un catcheur, mais rien de tout ça sous la main, du coup, je commence à écouter "different time and place" et je sens un doux sentiment de bonheur hilare m'envahir, un délice... merci merci merci, and keep the good stuff happening !

Anonymous said...

hei can you upload that song somewhere: Sound Of X - Historia de un amor Laura (1969)

Anonymous said...


the "Some German Guy" you are referring to on the song "Mr. Ed" is called Ralf Paulsen on the EP-single
Electrola 41 635 (1964),
Fernseherfolge (Ralf Paulsen & Rangers), tracks:
Fury / Mr. Ed / Drei gute Freunde / Bonanza

Greetings from Germany


phantom of the radio said...

thanks. that kind of comments are always welcome. really much apreciated.