Ergo Phizmiz - Pie Hateaux (2008)

extract: Otterman.mp3

ERGO PHIZMIZ "Pie Hateaux" (2008) [ProOt Records/003]

A new album by the extraprolific collagist musician
Ergo Phizmiz feat. Jack Phoenix & Cosy Ray's Hopping Gethsemanes. It has been released on a young french label Proot Records (run by Thiaz Itch a close friend of mine).
Accordion, voices, prepared piano, percussions, trombone, wind organ and editing. Looping melodies and haunting voices, cut and past spoken words, made the whole composition sounds quite hypnotic sometimes, while other songs sounds like spikejonesque melodies from a circus show.

Why don't you give a listen now!
You can DOWNLOAD this album for free via Proot Records, so run for it!

"Oh baby, when we climb to the top and we roll around on the high plateau, please be sure to bring a sheath, a pie, a hat, that and this, this and that. Oh baby it's the high plateau for you, the pie hateaux for me.
I'm sore like a sausage and heated like a bap, I'd rather a Homburg than a baseball cap. Right here on the high plateau, the pie hateaux..."


Mamie Van Doren - The Girl Who Invented Rock n' Roll (1958)

From the movie: "Teacher's Pet" (1958)

Mamie Van Doren interviewed about this movie via dorisday.net


meet the Beard familly

Press play and watch!
Typsiesque music by Dan Deacon - My Name Is Robert

"These slides and photographs came from many estate sales. They were dusty, darkened, bent, underexposed (some damaged by water) and were destined to be trash. Through the help of Photoshop, they can be seen once again...Interesting story here from what I can piece together. This is a family, Elton (the son), Mother Lorraine and Dad Basil, also called Rudy. Dad owned a shop in Huntington Beach, California called HB Electric. Each year they took a train tour of NY, Indiana, Rockies, etc. I bought over 1500 slides that chronicled all years between 1953 and 1968."
-- thanks to Flickr member Vieilles Annonces
This post is dedicated to the lovnig memory of my grand father, who was a true photography lover, he died one year ago.


des etoiles plein les fesses

I am proud to introduce to you a dear friend of mine, talented artist, inexhaustible drawer and hilarious party mate!
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Des Etoiles Plein Les Fesses dessins d'Amandine Urruty
- du 29 fevrier au 12 avril 2008 - Espace G.H.P. (Toulouse,Fr) -

vendredi 29 Fevrier a 19h a l'espace GHP a Toulouse, viens admirer les dessins de La Diva, boire de la bonne biere , ecouter les vinyls poussiereux de Dj No Breakfast et ramasser X-OR dans ta face!