Ergo Phizmiz - Pie Hateaux (2008)

extract: Otterman.mp3

ERGO PHIZMIZ "Pie Hateaux" (2008) [ProOt Records/003]

A new album by the extraprolific collagist musician
Ergo Phizmiz feat. Jack Phoenix & Cosy Ray's Hopping Gethsemanes. It has been released on a young french label Proot Records (run by Thiaz Itch a close friend of mine).
Accordion, voices, prepared piano, percussions, trombone, wind organ and editing. Looping melodies and haunting voices, cut and past spoken words, made the whole composition sounds quite hypnotic sometimes, while other songs sounds like spikejonesque melodies from a circus show.

Why don't you give a listen now!
You can DOWNLOAD this album for free via Proot Records, so run for it!

"Oh baby, when we climb to the top and we roll around on the high plateau, please be sure to bring a sheath, a pie, a hat, that and this, this and that. Oh baby it's the high plateau for you, the pie hateaux for me.
I'm sore like a sausage and heated like a bap, I'd rather a Homburg than a baseball cap. Right here on the high plateau, the pie hateaux..."

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