musica lonche by Telésforo

Latin easy listening selection by Telésforo, a man of great taste from Guadalajara, Mexico.


summer mixes for your walkmans and ghettoblasters

A nice selection of great mixes made by the creme de la creme djs from my favorite blogs, artists and friends. The perfect soundtracks for your summer trips and beach parties. Plug-in your walkman and grab all these wonderful mixes.

Reverend Frost presents:
A Bloody Summer Mix 2010

Papy Potage presents:
Papy mixtape - club sandwich

Ubik presents:
Le Nom Du Titre

a bollywood compilation from
Anywhere elsebut here today

another bollywood compilation from:
Music From The Third Floor

Monsieur Tympan presents:

Canalh presents:
Que Chumbia parce

Candie Hank presents:
The Man hates Pants! Booty Bounce Mix