Dj No Breakfast - musique pour colonies de vacances (part2 - erotica)

Dj No Breakfast - musique pour colonies de vacances (part2 Erotica)

June 2009 | 60min | .mp3 320kbps )

The second part of my summer mix ...
it's late at night ... and you had already drink too much of this strange cocktail ...



01-CLIVE HICKS - storytime

02-BRIAN BENNET - sunset

03-ROCKABYE BABY MUSIC - where is my mind

04-JANKO NILOVIC - vocal inventions

05-J.J. DEBOUT - sun-kissed chicks

06-DUNCAN LAMONT - lazy sunday

07-JOHN CAMERON - half forgotten daydreams

08-JACKIE CHAN - sexterlude (merci Mario)

09-CLIVE HICKS - puppet waltz

10-KYOHEI TSUTUMI - daimei no nai uta

11-DUNCAN LAMONT - the big cat


13-THE CLIMAX - persuasion

14-PARAMOUR - lovers in orbit

15-RITA - sexologie

16-DANYEL GERARD - sexologie


18-THE FONTANAS - whipping post

19-CLARCK GARDESTIG - wild thing

20-PHILIPPE NICAUD - bonne nuit Chuck

21-FRANCO BIXIO - with bare fists

check out the precedent post to hear the first part of the mix ...


Dj No Breakfast - musique pour colonies de vacances

Dj No Breakfast - musique pour colonies de vancances

May 2009 | 30min | .mp3 320kbps )

my latest mix: a selection of 60s / 70s library music ...
Sit back , relax and feel the summer breeze! The perfect soundtrack for a little rest.



01-DAVID LINDUP - damsell in distress

02-DUNCAN LAMONT - dizzy in whistle

03-TONY KINSEY and PETE WINSLOW - bon voyage

04-DAVID SNELL - international flight

05-ENRICO ENTRA - puer nautus

06-JOHN CAMERON - liquid sunshine

07-SUPER EROTICO - le telephone

08-101 STRINGS - whiplash

09-JEAN BOUCHETY - taking off

10-A. MARI - round of the Brazil

11-BRUNO NICOLAI - Sabrina

12-PETER SARSTEDT - where do you go to (my lovely)


Ergo Phizmiz: Music from "The House of Dr Faustus"

Instrumental music from the forthcoming 10 part Ergo Phizmiz radio-art cycle "The House of Dr Faustus". Composed, performed & produced by Ergo Phizmiz. Recorded 2007-2009, on the Isle of Wight, La Ferriere aux Etangs, La Noe de Fendrement, & Buckfastleigh.

(Instruments - Foot Harmonium, Indian Harmonium, Tenor Accordion, Toy Piano, Melodica, Balinese Xylophone, Violin, Viola, Banjo, Messiah Box, Ukulele, Euphonium, Harmonica, Voice, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Bagpipes, Didjerydoo, Desk Bell, Mechanical Birds, Pixiphone, Horns, Recorder, Fife, Tibetan Flute, Kazoo, Autoharp, Cajon, Assorted Drums)

The image shows two angles on a 1920s "Joujouville" French puppet theatre piano, one of the reoccurring sounds on this collection.

The project is supported by Arts Council England, VentnorBlog.com, & Vaguely Marsupial Productions.

This collection is dedicated to James Nye / Jack Phoenix, without whose interaction and inspiration on the whole Faustus project this music would not have been made."

DOWNLOAD it for free via WFMU Free Music Archive




Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice

"Let's see how long this lasts then..."