Dj No Breakfast - musique pour colonies de vacances

Dj No Breakfast - musique pour colonies de vancances

May 2009 | 30min | .mp3 320kbps )

my latest mix: a selection of 60s / 70s library music ...
Sit back , relax and feel the summer breeze! The perfect soundtrack for a little rest.



01-DAVID LINDUP - damsell in distress

02-DUNCAN LAMONT - dizzy in whistle

03-TONY KINSEY and PETE WINSLOW - bon voyage

04-DAVID SNELL - international flight

05-ENRICO ENTRA - puer nautus

06-JOHN CAMERON - liquid sunshine

07-SUPER EROTICO - le telephone

08-101 STRINGS - whiplash

09-JEAN BOUCHETY - taking off

10-A. MARI - round of the Brazil

11-BRUNO NICOLAI - Sabrina

12-PETER SARSTEDT - where do you go to (my lovely)

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