Top ten incredible recordings

compiled by JFRater for The List Universe (The universe of curious lists).
As mentioned by the Author : "
Before I start on the list, I feel that I should advise that a couple of the items here are quite horrific and I would recommend that those who are weak of heart or who have a nervous disposition avoid them."
-- tracklist --
1. Alessandro Moreschi (the only recorded true castrato)
2. Mado Robin - highest recorded sung note
3. Florence Foster Jenkins - worst singer
4. Pope Leo XIII (first recorded Pope - 1903)
5. Lord Hawhaw (William Joyce) - executed for treason
6. Number Stations
7. Florence Nightingale - invented modern nursing
8. [WARNING] Russian Exorcism
9. [WARNING] Jonestown - the last 30 minutes (November 18, 1978)
10. First recording of human voices (1878 - Frank Lambert)

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v.a. Top 10 incredible recordings
The List Universe


Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon "Crystal Cat" video
Dan Deacon
Spiderman of the rings
(2007) on Carpark records.

DanDeacon.com(under construction)

last but not least ...

Last but not least the excellent "Champaign a Go-Go volume 1" shared on Number06's blog Sounds Of Vinyls (side 2)
This month an amazing cocktail of original soundtracks and other groovy rarities from the 70's !
(including all original lp cover art scans)
The selection begins with the heavy breakbeat of the psyché-pop sound collages of Alain Goraguer,
an icredibly groovy track from the 1970 movie "sur un arbre perché" featuring Louis De Funes.)A must hear !
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Thanks for sharing these amazing Lps Number 6. Great comp' !
Number 6's blog


60's french exploitation beats

Christian Garros & les "Rock Four" - Girl rock

90 tracks of 60's french instrumental
, twist, rock, hully gully, madison
, jerk generously ripped and compiled from original 45rpm by Whoops blog.
Beautiful art cover scans included.
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The Zombies

Everybody is talking about The Zombies ...

You can now listen to all their recordings, "Zombie Heaven" ,
a 4 cds box set released in 1997 on Big Beat records, is available for download at Discos Ocultos blog. C
heck HERE for the tracklist.
Download it for free now !
Discos Ocultos

Surf exotica

"Exotic Guitars" an Xtabay compilation

tracks of exotica surf madness
generously compiled and share by the australian mythic site " Xtabay'sWorld "a site where exotica, lounge and space age pop music rules."
Very very cool instrumental tunes, sit back, relax and listen to "exotic guitars".
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Summer party


Emile Cohl

"Mobilier Fidele" (1909)
Emile Cohl (1857-1938)
A French caricaturist of the largely-forgotten Incoherent Movement, cartoonist, and animator, called "The Father of the Animated Cartoon" and "The Oldest Parisian".

"Fantasmagorie" (1908)
learn more about Emile Cohl on Wikipedia
emilecohl.com (in french)