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I've started a new radio show this year, The Mamie Van Doren Radio Show on radio FMR a local radio station, some of you may be interested in listening...
You can find all the playlists from past and future shows here or here
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Sam. 29 mars The Mamie Van Doren Show : hypnotica!

Avec un invité très bizarre:
Dr. K. Delicatessen www.myspace.com/drkdelicatessen


drunk elephant dancing

These sequences come from a bollywood movie bought by a friend of mine who was in India recently. Unfortunatly i can't read Hindi!!! So obviously i don't have any clue about who is involved in this production. If anybody knows something, please drop a comment. Thanks. (et merci Gwen!)


Movie : Annai Oru Aalayam

Title video 2: Appane Appane

Actors : Rajnikanth, Sripriya,elephant

Year : 1979

Thanks to Papy Potage once again for the informations. By the way if you want to watch amazing bollywood videos go visit his nice blog.

Busby Berkeley - dames (1934)

An edit of some interesting sequences inBusby Berkeley's 1934 musical "Dames". Thanks to Plaqueta from Spain.



woman with no head


1950's Yougoslavian bands that pretended to be mexican!
Album covers and mp3s via
"This is a small homage to hundreds of performers who covered themselves with sombreros to become Slavic Mexicans".
Milic Ljubomir i P...

Blue Demon Contra Los Cerebros Infernales (1968)

A cheap VCD copy of Blue Demon Contra Los Cerebros Infernales (1968), luchador, mad scientist, zombie pussies ... what else could i ask?!
Browse selected scenes in this customized YouTube player, and don't miss the exotica dance routine scene!

(merci Mathias!)


Les Maledictus sound (1968)

You can't miss this share via the Music Blog of Saltyka and his friends.
Les Maledictus Sound by Jean Pierre Massiera, the french most prolific producer of the seventies.

Latin Combo - Mi Tio (1958)

A cool version of the theme song from 1958 Jacques Tati's movie "Mon Oncle", by Latin Combo.
Download it via this excellent spanish music blog El Rincon 45 i've just dicovered lately.
The quality of the vinyl rip wasn't so good , so i decided to edit it a little via an audio software, hoping that it will sound better.
DOWNLOAD the "remastered" version.


Vendredi 7 Mars "Toulouse ville morte?" - Le BIKINI - 20h/6€

(clique sur l'image pour l'agrandir)Avec en after Dj No Breakfast et The Mamie Van Doren Show


LP#11 Paul Cardinal - Poisson qui es tu? / Melvin Green - Happy Birthday

WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD spoken word 45rpm!!! (in french)

On side A, the modern astrologer Paul Cardinal and an undefined creature speaks over a strange electronic moogy soundtrack... A MUST HEAR (even if you don't speak french!)
On the B side, Melvin Green and his orchestra play Happy Birthday!

DOWNLOAD it now!