Merry Mixmas 2006 ! (part 2)

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playlists are coming soon !
Other christmas gun ads @ Today's Inspiration


Merry Mixmas 2006 !

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I know what you want for christmas

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(thanks to Mondo Loco @ The Groove Grotto this snazzy Lp is yours !)
Download this album HERE

*christmas* mixes :

Apropriate Christmas mix
by Mateusz from Sweden @ monocultured.com
> 2400 christmas tracks in 75 min mix,
8 seconds of each song is spliced onto one of four tracks, with each track filtered according to frequency. Not easy listening !

Merry Mixmas 2006
by Dj Riko from U.K. @ djriko.com
> Xmas Breaks Dance Party.

He has recently broadcast a mix for Solid Steel radio show.

The 8 Bits of Christmas a compilation from various artists @ 8 Bit Peoples

Other interesting musicblog :


Music You (possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else
Orgy In Rhythym


And don't forget to hang your balls on the xmas tree !
; - )


Jacob Smigel's Eavesdrop project

EAVESDROP : a wealth of found sound (80 min. on one CD) Curated by Jacob Smigel.
Eavesdrop is a collection of anonymous recordings found by Jacob Smigel at thrift stores, yard sales, and in trash bins over the past four years. Smigel waded through audio or micro-cassettes, 8-Tracks and home-recorded records to find tape letters, telephone conversations, audio diaries, weird field recordings, amusement of children,fights/crying, etc...
Eavesdrop focuses exclusively on this type of material, and instead of adding music to the
clips Smigel served as preservationist (or curator) to present the listener with the most powerful recordings in their natural state. “Some are funny, some are ridiculous, others make no sense,” said Smigel, “and a few are so ‘perfect’ I can't believe I actually found them.”
Eavesdrop is 80 minutes, comprised of 40 tracks. The album includes 28 pages of track notes, transcripts, background information, and additional resources. Album art is a collage of found photos collected over the past two years. Each CD
is stuff with unique found things.

If you want to hear samples of the album or simply buy it, go HERE
. And now, please take a look at what i found in the package when i received the album HERE. Thanks Jacob !


Smoking Cigarettes

I've found this little hand-written paper in the street, here in Toulouse, and it's surprisingly written in english !
Yesterday i was sharing songs talking about cigarettes with a friend of mine who is actually, believe me or not, testing japanese cigarettes as a part time job ! So i decided to make this little compilation "Ma Copine
By the way, i should REALLY quit smoking !

Elmer Bernstein - theme from the magnificent 7 Malboro commercial (1950)
Sons Of The Pioneers - Cigarettes, Whuskey and wild wild women
Tex Williams - smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Eddie Constantine - cigarette, whisky et p'tit pépé (1947)
Gillians Hills - ma première cigarette (1960)
click on song titles to download.


America Blah Blah


---------------------------P L A Y L I S T-----------------------------

"Xanadu" film quote/french dubbing

Man Chau Po Orchestra "titoli"
Connie Francis "wanting things"

Johnny Sea "day for decision"

Lonesome Valley Singers "it's got to be done"

Satan's Pilgrim "John's mood" At home with the ...

Skeeter Davis "the end of the world"
My Fun "song seven" - The quality of something audible (2005)
Squallor "blah blah blah"
Stuck In A Clam "a walrus before xmas" (2006)
Vernon Lenoir "banlieue blues" - YAWK! - WMrecordings (2006)
Seymour Rexite "misirlou"
Danai "misirlou"
Dick Dale "tribal thunder" + Rabbi Abulafia "misirlou"
Dick Dale and The Deltones "misirlou"
Vernon Lenoir "misirloucious" - Sator arepo tenet opera rotas -EgoTwister records #ew001! (2005)

Learn more about the obscur origins of the song misirlou and listen to other covers at Dinosaur Gardens , another nice music blog dedicated to old and strange records.

should i stay or should i go (by Tony Blair) / imagine (by G.W.Bush) / Sunday bloody sunday (by G.W.Bush). These are tracks have already broadcast on doyouspeakenglish (my Bro sent them to me few months ago), i have only recently discovered that they were coming from RX2008 's videos at ThePartyParty.com ! A true master of cut & paste technique. Hilarious !


I love my vinyl records

Rare, out of print, unusual records from the forgotten planet
This post is dedicated to all the vinyl addicts, i found faithful collectors publishing reviews about their own rare, strange and beautiful out-of-print records on the web, with precious informations or just personnal feelings and emotionnal comments. And often for your listening pleasure mp3s for free too ! (when the links have not been removed by some obscure internet copyright agency patrol, i doubt !).
So, here comes a spontaneous rough selection i've made tonight, my visits change quickly from one to another, partially because often when a new one open another one close.

Xtabay's World : a great music blog from Oceania, west of Krakatoa, dedicated to Exotica, Space Age Pop and Lounge. You can find archives of whole mp3 albums in .zip format (downloadable from RapidShare). Hope you'll enjoy your visit to the mysterious world of Xtabay. Good Hunting !
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rangeraver's Departure Lounge
"The place where good music lives"!
"I am sure you will find something to your taste! Please fasten your seat belt and ease into my selections of Groovy Lounge, Big Band Latin Bossa, Smooth Jazz, Kitsch Classics, Library Music and of course, Easy Listening Cocktail Muzak."

"Let's Fly !" RangeRaver.

Vinyl Vulture is a U.K. based website featuring selected interesting albums reviews : Library Music, Kraut rock, Soundtracks, hip-hop, funk ... They also run their own label Licorice Soul records : funk killer reissues on 45.

Waxidermy.com is a website dedicated to unusual vinyl oddities, compulsively collected by Ed Slavin and Jeff Hassett, soon followed by other contributors. I found interesting tips about the cleaning of dirty old records. Something great with all these websites is that you always find an album or artist you have never heard about before ... And of course you can download lots of MP3s for free there too.
The Tofu Hut
last blug not least)
Can you think of any albums that you would LIKE to see made illegal? (see related topic from 09/05/2005 here)

I've been impressed by the amazingly HUGE list of links. A MUST SEE. OOoops, i realised too late that the last post made on this blog was from the month of
July ! shit ! i haven't noticed that this one could be closed by now too.
D. Bo is an anti-bush activist operating from his basement using his lyrics, internet, a printer, a Mc Hammer sample and a camera ! Oh yes, and here comes the video
He is selling his songs for 0,99$ , but there is also "
Songs I don't let you pay for, maybe because there's no music". L I T E R A L L Y : i found an html page with his songs' lyrics on it !!!
: P Thanks Tofu Hut.
If you want to learn more about collecting vinyl records, i received a mail today from Robert Benson, he has wrote an e-book about that topic, you can find it ,as well as many interesting articles about the vinyl culture, on his website collectingvinylrecords.com


Booh Stories

The long awaited Halloween mix, a selection of rare horror tracks from the 50's, 60's, 70's. Exotica, space age pop, rock, doo-wop, surf, garage, movie soundtrack, trailers, film quotes and many other curiosities.

--------------------------------P L A Y L I S T----------------------------

(click on image for a larger view)
DOWNLOAD Booh Stories part1 a cut out version (tracks 01 to 16) :


DOWNLOAD Booh Stories part2 (tracks 16 to 31):



Carmen & The Ticky Tacky Orchestra


----------------------------P L A Y L I S T-------------------------------

Spike Jones
"carmen" - Spike Jones is murdering the classics - RCA (1971)
Hank Williams "happy roving cowboy x 8" - communication breakdown - radio materials (1939)
The Dezurik (
Cackle) Sisters - v.a. american yodelling (1911-1946) Trikont records.
Dean Elliot "lonesome road" - v.a. incredibly strange music vol.1 - RE/search (1993)
David Seville "Goofus"
(1957) - the music of David Seville - LRP3073 (2003)
Chris Ball "urgent day off" - v.a. Droplift Project (2000) this work is in the public domain (NC)
Asa Chang & Junray "parlor" - minna no junray - KI/OON records (2005)
Thiazsch (Thiaz Itch) "no particular place to go" unreleased.
Gangpol Und Mit "le panorama electr&bic m[e_i]ssy pandaiiï" - tournent en rond - wwilko (2005)
Juicy Panic "you drive me oh! oh! oh!" - otarie - In Poly Sons (2003)
Lascelles & Dimpels "love or be loved"
Georgia & August Greenberg "itchy itchy hay hay" - sing songs for you and me ! - Comfort Stand recordings (2004) download it for FREE here
Georgia & August Greenberg "Georgia sings yes" -
sing songs for you and me ! - Comfort Stand recordings (2004) download it for FREE here
Stock, Hausen & Walkman "Oops" - organ transplant vol.2 - Hot Air (2000)
Wolfgang Richter "Sandman outro"


HYPNOSCOPE! The Newest Breakthrough in Terror!


"This dates back to the 50s. Movie theaters use to run this at the start of movies like "Robot Monster" or "The Creeping Terror." The idea was to hypnotize the audience to make them think they were really scared!
I don't think it worked !"
(thank you so much
dkslam for posting this !)

Trailers A Gogo :
Something Weird Video
All along the past mix you can hear some weird trailers samples from the 1960's.
Here comes the video links found on YouTube :
>> opening n°2
>> another day another man , 60's soft-sex trailer with a great sound score.
>> Shock Stock (S.W.V. promo)


Waltz of the broken glasses


>P L A Y L I S T>
artist - title - album - label - year
Okapi - "monastic bingo" - where's the beef - Inflatabl records (2005)
The Rip-Off Artist - "parp" -
in through the outdoor - Tigerbeat6 (2003)
Basil Kirchin - "special relativity" -
quantum - Trunk records (2003)
Jimi Tenor
- "largo" - Deutsche Grammophon recomposed (2006)
Tipsy - "zombies mood" - Uh! Oh! - Asphodel (2003)
Jimi Tenor - "vexations-version1" - Deutsche Grammophon recomposed (2006)
Monsters(zombies ate my neighbor - unused bonus stage - I can't remenber where it comes from !
Otto Von Schirach - "toma liquido de balena" - maxipad detention - Ipecac recordings (2006)
Otto Von Schirach - "alligator waltz"(very short excerpt!) - maxipad detention - Ipecac recordings (2006)
Otto Von Schirach - "smelly mustard" - 8000 BC - Schematic records (2006)
John Oswald - "great backing track" - the mystery tapes (1980) mp3 album downloadable on Ubu web
People Like Us - "gongexeva" - mp3 release of the past week on www.peoplelikeus.org

Thiazsch - "plitipitep" - Beïnn Bouta -
Bedroom Research records (2005)

!!! New compilation is out !!!
various electronic artists / under creative commons FREE TO SHARE (Downloadable at www.bedroomresearch.com)

Bonus track of the week
Thiazsch (Thiaz Itch)
from Bedroom Research presents :
a crazy never-ending waltz ...

Thiazsch _ matekoba.mp3

Serveul Manajment (2003)


Before i was born,1950's favorites..

(click on the image or the link above and download the mix of the week)

>P L A Y L I S T>


Kukla,Fran & Ollie

From the early 50's, this show influenced later programs including Sesame Street and
The Muppets Show, learn more.

Kukla,Fran & Ollie
theme - here we are hop, hop ,hop (1947)
Ertha Kitt - c'est si bon (1953)
Dean Martin - that's amore (1953)
Rosemary Clooney - mambo italiano (1954)
Patti Page - how much is that doogie (1950)
Vic Mizzy - the pruitts of southampton (1966)
Mario Lanza - be my love (1951)(broken record mix)
Eddy Fisher - anytime (1952)
Spike Jones - the Jones laughing record (1971) (a sample of the original song)
(introducing "the flight of the Bumble Bee")


At the end of the selection, you can hear 3 tracks from a german collagiste
: Vernon Le Noir. www.vernonlenoir.com

(you can download all his albums for FREE, don't hesitate, check it out !)
His latest album called "Balkan spezialitaeten" (2006) was released on Comfort Stand Recordings netlabel, he also appears on Ego Twister records.

Vernon Le Noir - Neretva(24bit) + gipsy talks

Vernon Le Noir - ce face banul din vern
Vernon Le Noir - zigani

The branflakes : countdown to the end (remix) (2006)
Outro : Michel Legrand - monkey business (1967)(fade out)


All along this selection you can hear the voice of Peter Sellers
in "The Compleat Guide To Accents Of The British Isles"

(photo credit : http://www.murraystreet.com/sellers.htm)

Download the mix : 06-10-02_doyouspeakenglish_before_i_was_born.mp3
and the playlist HERE (in .txt format) if you find this one a bit messy


Back, to broadcast the weirdest.

nothing : (
"do you speak english ?"
Your weekly radio program is back.
The most enjoyable way to learn language skills.

30 minutes of dirty rhymes and shameless songs.

New : "Atom feed"> Site Feed for doyouspeakenglishradioblogAtom FeedMore info on atom feed with the blogger help
A new mix will be post soon !

click for full-sized pictureLes Paul’s private NYC apartment homemade radio station (1940). more.


Free Sample Zone netlabel

Free Sample Zone is a cut & paste artists netlabel run by the excentric, extraprolific, bootlegger and goldigger Chenard Walker.
Note that all the releases are free (under Creative Commons) with complete artwork and liner notes. Free Sample Zone is the main source for Chenard Walker material on the net. More Chenard Walker's albums available at WM Recordings, Comfort Stand and Rumbatraciens

Kids drawing from les collages de monsieur Chenard, Manon ou Bao ?

Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Bikini

(Now en francais!)
Thanks to Lamp2av for posting this on YOUTUBE. (check his videos here).
The perfect summer scopitone.

Vincent Gallo a sucker who wants to sue a friend of mine because he put a trailer on YOUTUBE ! So what ???


Raymond Scott - Limbo, The Organized Mind

The soundtrack and sound effects are done by an american electronic music pioneer from the 30's RAYMOND SCOTT
,and was released on "Manhattan Research Inc."
Limbo, The Organized Mind.mp3 a reworked version was used as an introduction for a past broadcast :

R.Scott & The Quintette on TV

A video of his ELECTRONIUM here

Raymonscottesque performance by KRAMER & LUTTAZZI on TV



This week a repeat broadcast from june 2005 (i am a lazy bastard however this mix has never been published on this blog) .


Media Terrorism


Ruth Etting "Guilty" (short intro)
Dick Hyman - Kaleidoscope - "Fiddler On The Roof "
New Christy Minstrels - "Three Wheels On My Wagon"
Prince Paul - Itstrumental - "Live@5"
Princess Nubia - spoken words grab on YOUTUBE
Mr S.O.S. - s.o.s. For President - "Intro After The Intro" ... you can trust me
Dubya Singing - The Party Party - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
Dubya Singing - "imagine and walk on the wild side" rmx
Jim Ed Brown "Pop A Top"
Al Bowly and Ray Noble Orchestra - Guilty
Vernond Lenoir - Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas - "The Little Extra"
Chenard Walker - The Lotus Opus - "Sometimes"
The Rip Off-Artist - Julie London & Dean Martin - "sway" remix


The Thing

 Ali BabaTHE THING , 1001 Manhattan ave. Brooklyn, NYC.

A secret DJ paradise hidden in a dirty second hand shop in Greenpoint called THE THING.
Exactly the kind of place where you can spend hours sneezing in the dust on a beautiful sunday afternoon; i can already hear voices saying " you certainly have better things to do during your 2 weeks vacation !" Whatever they said i found some records i've been looking for a long time there ... and a bunch of amazing stuff.

Click on the picture for more dirty found !


Stand By

No mixes will be posted until the 22 of May .


Farewell Comfort Stand (part2)


COMFORT STAND netlabel special selection part#2.

Browse the COMFORT STAND albums collection. All tracks available under
Feel free to DOWNLOAD AS MUCH MP3 AS YOU WANT or can.
"Strengh for living" by The Stalneckess found via Bizarre Records , a collection of rare awful vinyl cover art.
csr049 Pearl Of Joy - Gloria "wakka chikka wakka whikka" 2004 //
csr023 Chenard Walker - Fancy Fluid "The Lotus Opus" 2004 //
csr012 Mrs Grossman & Monty - Driver Education "Education And What" 2004 //
csr048 E. Gallun & C. Stecker - Brain Science Bicycle Fascism "Comfort Cake" 2004

csr048 Songs To Drink & Drive By - Anarchy
"Comfort Cake" 2004 //
csr048 Lullabelle - Supa Kuro "Comfort Cake" 2004 //
csr051 Chenard Walker & Chicky Arad - Childhood "Monster" 2004 //
csr006 Lullabelle - misdirection "The Trial Of Florasador Gehrboyzel" 2004 //
csr029 Dale - Part#1(spoken words) "Meet You At The 7-Eleven" 2004 //
csr511 Chenard Walker - Rock n' Roll Boy "Comfort Stand Singles #511" 2004 //
csr007 Fortyone - XXL "Different Mayonnaise" 2004 //
csr010 Georgia & August Greenberg - Big Girls "Sings Songs For You And Me" 2004
csr058 Puyo Puyo - Lilly's Box "Lullabots" 2005 //
csr023 Chenard Walker - Wizz Pop (outro) "The Lotus Opus" 2004.
I hope you'll take some time to check out the wonderful collection of FREE MP3 albums available from COMFORT STAND netlabel.
Check my submissions to YOU TUBE


Farewell Comfort Stand


netlabel special selection part#1

A bad news dropped in my mailbox from OTIS FODDER newsletter :
"I realize that this news comes on April Fools day, however this is no joke. After a two year and five month run, we have closed
COMFORT STAND(2003-2006)...
THE PROJECT IS OVER and we will no longer release new works. All of our music will remain online. Free and for a very long time."

COMFORT STAND is/was/still a very prolific NET LABEL with artists such as The Bran Flakes, Messer Chups, The Coconut Monkey Rocket, Martinibomb, Puyo Puyo, The Space Lady, Kim & Buran, Okapi, Fortyone, The Lounge King, Chenard Walker, Tapeworm Collective .... and many many more excentric artists playing all kinds of beautiful music.

The Comfort Stand philosophy :
" We are not a business. We're not out to make a profit. There are no banners, popups, or spam at Comfort Stand. You don't have to register yourself to download the music you like. We operate under the ideology that money need not come between artists and audience. "
csr012_Mrs Grossman - Music Apreciation "Education and what not whit mrs Grossman and Monty"2004//
csr025_Okapi - My Secret Love(D-Day remix)

csr048_Fortyone - What Is All About "Comfort

csr048_Martinibomb - Dizzy Ke Peeche "Comfort Cake"2004//
csr048_Chenard Walker - Time For A Change "Comfort Cake"2004//
csr049_The Lounge King - Ici La Femme xxx Miss Louise Vertigo "Wakka chikka wakka chikka"2004//
csr041_Fortyone - I Want The Princess "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr041_Fortyone - I Sample The World's Finest Whats The Finest "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr041_Fortyone - Hello It's Time For Music "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr002_Twizzle - Falling "Soda Fountain"2000//
csr041_Fortyone - Yeah part2 "Music That's Better Than It Sounds"2004//
csr025_Okapi - Bah "Bah !"2004//
csr020_The Lounge King and Monsieur Max - A Gigantic Spacecraft "Interplanetary Materials"2004.
PART#2 coming soon ...