I love my vinyl records

Rare, out of print, unusual records from the forgotten planet
This post is dedicated to all the vinyl addicts, i found faithful collectors publishing reviews about their own rare, strange and beautiful out-of-print records on the web, with precious informations or just personnal feelings and emotionnal comments. And often for your listening pleasure mp3s for free too ! (when the links have not been removed by some obscure internet copyright agency patrol, i doubt !).
So, here comes a spontaneous rough selection i've made tonight, my visits change quickly from one to another, partially because often when a new one open another one close.

Xtabay's World : a great music blog from Oceania, west of Krakatoa, dedicated to Exotica, Space Age Pop and Lounge. You can find archives of whole mp3 albums in .zip format (downloadable from RapidShare). Hope you'll enjoy your visit to the mysterious world of Xtabay. Good Hunting !
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rangeraver's Departure Lounge
"The place where good music lives"!
"I am sure you will find something to your taste! Please fasten your seat belt and ease into my selections of Groovy Lounge, Big Band Latin Bossa, Smooth Jazz, Kitsch Classics, Library Music and of course, Easy Listening Cocktail Muzak."

"Let's Fly !" RangeRaver.

Vinyl Vulture is a U.K. based website featuring selected interesting albums reviews : Library Music, Kraut rock, Soundtracks, hip-hop, funk ... They also run their own label Licorice Soul records : funk killer reissues on 45.

Waxidermy.com is a website dedicated to unusual vinyl oddities, compulsively collected by Ed Slavin and Jeff Hassett, soon followed by other contributors. I found interesting tips about the cleaning of dirty old records. Something great with all these websites is that you always find an album or artist you have never heard about before ... And of course you can download lots of MP3s for free there too.
The Tofu Hut
last blug not least)
Can you think of any albums that you would LIKE to see made illegal? (see related topic from 09/05/2005 here)

I've been impressed by the amazingly HUGE list of links. A MUST SEE. OOoops, i realised too late that the last post made on this blog was from the month of
July ! shit ! i haven't noticed that this one could be closed by now too.
D. Bo is an anti-bush activist operating from his basement using his lyrics, internet, a printer, a Mc Hammer sample and a camera ! Oh yes, and here comes the video
He is selling his songs for 0,99$ , but there is also "
Songs I don't let you pay for, maybe because there's no music". L I T E R A L L Y : i found an html page with his songs' lyrics on it !!!
: P Thanks Tofu Hut.
If you want to learn more about collecting vinyl records, i received a mail today from Robert Benson, he has wrote an e-book about that topic, you can find it ,as well as many interesting articles about the vinyl culture, on his website collectingvinylrecords.com