Jacob Smigel's Eavesdrop project

EAVESDROP : a wealth of found sound (80 min. on one CD) Curated by Jacob Smigel.
Eavesdrop is a collection of anonymous recordings found by Jacob Smigel at thrift stores, yard sales, and in trash bins over the past four years. Smigel waded through audio or micro-cassettes, 8-Tracks and home-recorded records to find tape letters, telephone conversations, audio diaries, weird field recordings, amusement of children,fights/crying, etc...
Eavesdrop focuses exclusively on this type of material, and instead of adding music to the
clips Smigel served as preservationist (or curator) to present the listener with the most powerful recordings in their natural state. “Some are funny, some are ridiculous, others make no sense,” said Smigel, “and a few are so ‘perfect’ I can't believe I actually found them.”
Eavesdrop is 80 minutes, comprised of 40 tracks. The album includes 28 pages of track notes, transcripts, background information, and additional resources. Album art is a collage of found photos collected over the past two years. Each CD
is stuff with unique found things.

If you want to hear samples of the album or simply buy it, go HERE
. And now, please take a look at what i found in the package when i received the album HERE. Thanks Jacob !


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