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---------------------------P L A Y L I S T-----------------------------

"Xanadu" film quote/french dubbing

Man Chau Po Orchestra "titoli"
Connie Francis "wanting things"

Johnny Sea "day for decision"

Lonesome Valley Singers "it's got to be done"

Satan's Pilgrim "John's mood" At home with the ...

Skeeter Davis "the end of the world"
My Fun "song seven" - The quality of something audible (2005)
Squallor "blah blah blah"
Stuck In A Clam "a walrus before xmas" (2006)
Vernon Lenoir "banlieue blues" - YAWK! - WMrecordings (2006)
Seymour Rexite "misirlou"
Danai "misirlou"
Dick Dale "tribal thunder" + Rabbi Abulafia "misirlou"
Dick Dale and The Deltones "misirlou"
Vernon Lenoir "misirloucious" - Sator arepo tenet opera rotas -EgoTwister records #ew001! (2005)

Learn more about the obscur origins of the song misirlou and listen to other covers at Dinosaur Gardens , another nice music blog dedicated to old and strange records.

should i stay or should i go (by Tony Blair) / imagine (by G.W.Bush) / Sunday bloody sunday (by G.W.Bush). These are tracks have already broadcast on doyouspeakenglish (my Bro sent them to me few months ago), i have only recently discovered that they were coming from RX2008 's videos at ThePartyParty.com ! A true master of cut & paste technique. Hilarious !

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Moumoue said...

Alors j'ai trouve un truc qui pourrait peut etre t'interesser : Violetta Villas, elle chante en polonais, faut ecouter, c'est chouette.