Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 041 - 2011-03-09 / instrumental assassination

MVDX 41 2011-03-09 instrumental assassination

playlist de l'émission du 09-03-11/ instrumental assassination

MVDXanadu - intro
The challengers - out of limits
The Hollywood Persuaders - drums a go-go
Hal Blaine and The Young Cougars - Hawaii 1963
Larry and The Loafers - let's go to the beach
Garry U.S. Bonds - havin' so much fun
The Originals - the whip
Sandy Nelson - chop chop
Les Guitares - les amrtiens arrivent
Les pharaons - la marche des martiens
The Cousins - the robot
Pierre Ralph - gilda and gunshots / b.o. "jeunes filles impudiques" (1973)
Janko Nilovic - the voodoo ju ju drug part 2
Manfred Mann - wild thing
Les Dum's - la danse des grands singes nus / b.o. "les aventures de tarzan, seigneur de la jungle" (197?)
Ruffle - go mean
Jacques Loussier / Alla Bown set - the killing game / b.o. "jeux de massacre" (1967)
The Freak Scene - subway ride thru innerspace
The Reg Guest Syndicate - guys, girls, guns and danger

Selection de Dj No Breakfast


We love Satanicporncultshop and we played their songs in our radio show from time to time, here is a unique occasion to learn more about this incredible band from Osaka, Japan. Check WFMU blog for interview, links and videos.


Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 040 - 2011-03-02 / radio de l'espace (avec Joe Bilboquet)


playlist de l'émission du 02-03-11/ radio de l'espace (avec Joe Bilboquet)

Intro - dj no breakfast - dead space

Ståålfågel - Hemma

Les Maledictus Sound - cambronne

Bernard Sjazner - Bene Gesserit

Frank Stranges - flying saucers unlimited

Normal Brain - Music

François De Roubaix et Elizabeth Teyssier - astralement votre

Stanok - 4 minutes mortelles

The Wild Tones - the martian band

Naitos08 - Star Trek Theme (Mario Paint remix)

The Science Fiction Corporation - galactic adventures of the outter space fleet "hope" [extrait]

Camille Gasnier - Astéroidou

Canigou - untitled (Boule) [extrait]

Video Liszt - ektakrome killer [extrait]

Bernard Sjazner feat. Howard Devoto - the Convention

Suzanne Ciani - Welcome to Xenon [YouTube]

The Machines - spacecraft

Joe Bilboquet - Ah

Jacky Chalard - super man - super cool (LP version)

Morio Agata - 恋のラジオシティ


Bande Annonce "Odyssée De L'Espace"

Jan Turkenburg - in my spaceship

Jacky Chalard - Après l'apocalypse

Selection de Joe Bilboquet et Dj No Breakfast