Martin Denny - hypnotique (1959)

Certainly one of my favorite song by the true master of exotica ...
Hear this !

Martin Denny - Hypnotique (1959)

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How i fall in love with Mamika !
Take a look at her little son's website Sacha Goldberger and you'll understand.
He is the photographer, she is the model. It's beautiful, weird and funny.


Mamie Van Doren show : tous a poil !


Messer Chups "flash of the night"

One of my old favorite The russian band Messer Chups
Directed by: Oleg Gitarkin
Starring: Zombie Girl


Cassette Jockey

The Cassette Jockey Worldchampionship 2007 !
"Like the popular DJ (Disk Jockey) competitions with record-toting DJs showing off their turntable skills, the CJ Championships aimed to transplant their skills and styles to the venerable world of cassettes."
Read more at The Make Maker Faire Magazine website : makerfaire.com
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Sweet postcards rumble

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(click postcards to enlarge)Libreville (Gabon) aerial view of The Tropicana.Bali Island - The Keris dancers at Barong & Rangda. Trance dancers enchanted by the evil of Rahgda, plundge the Keris daggers against their body.
Costa Brava, Playa de Aro, Hotel Condado San Jorge.
Check the amazing founds of
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Eartha Kitt - C'est Si Bon (1953)

Kid's cold orchestra

Kid's cold orchestra - the small frogs song. CHECK OUT more songs and play live with the band at :
(website in swedish ! merci Manu !)


The Graffiti Research Lab + Audiobombing

"walls have got ears", now they've got a mouth !Audiobombing, is an alternative form of graffiti which uses magnetic audio tape as its medium.
Audio graffiti ! What the hell is that !

A new eccentric way to express yourself in the streets using audio tapes and a modified tape player. Stick the audio tape on a wall, then with the "playhead spray can" (the modified tape player) you are ready to listen to the hidden messages on the tape !!!

How these american students came up with that nerdy idea, i don't know, but i can't resist to post something here . The art of bricolage is always fascinating ...
Listen to the walls tonight !
You will find all the details, photos and videos at : audiobombing project blog.
Found via WeMakeMoneyNotArt blog.

Artists from all over the world using new bombing technologies in the streets.

Graffiti Research Lab

Another incredible project from The Graffiti Research Lab using a high-tech
L.A.S.E.R. TAG system.
In its simplest form the Laser Tag system is a camera and laptop setup, tracking a green laser point across
the face of a building and generating graphics based on the laser's position which then get projected back onto the building with a high power projector.
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An ELECTRO-GRAF is a graffiti piece or throw-up that uses conductive and magnetic paint to embed LED display electronics.
An electro-graf is a graffiti piece or throw-up that uses conductive and magnetic paint to embed LED display electronics.

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Graffiti Research Lab
(picture taken inBrooklyn, N.Y.C., May 2006)