Booh Stories

The long awaited Halloween mix, a selection of rare horror tracks from the 50's, 60's, 70's. Exotica, space age pop, rock, doo-wop, surf, garage, movie soundtrack, trailers, film quotes and many other curiosities.

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Carmen & The Ticky Tacky Orchestra


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Spike Jones
"carmen" - Spike Jones is murdering the classics - RCA (1971)
Hank Williams "happy roving cowboy x 8" - communication breakdown - radio materials (1939)
The Dezurik (
Cackle) Sisters - v.a. american yodelling (1911-1946) Trikont records.
Dean Elliot "lonesome road" - v.a. incredibly strange music vol.1 - RE/search (1993)
David Seville "Goofus"
(1957) - the music of David Seville - LRP3073 (2003)
Chris Ball "urgent day off" - v.a. Droplift Project (2000) this work is in the public domain (NC)
Asa Chang & Junray "parlor" - minna no junray - KI/OON records (2005)
Thiazsch (Thiaz Itch) "no particular place to go" unreleased.
Gangpol Und Mit "le panorama electr&bic m[e_i]ssy pandaiiï" - tournent en rond - wwilko (2005)
Juicy Panic "you drive me oh! oh! oh!" - otarie - In Poly Sons (2003)
Lascelles & Dimpels "love or be loved"
Georgia & August Greenberg "itchy itchy hay hay" - sing songs for you and me ! - Comfort Stand recordings (2004) download it for FREE here
Georgia & August Greenberg "Georgia sings yes" -
sing songs for you and me ! - Comfort Stand recordings (2004) download it for FREE here
Stock, Hausen & Walkman "Oops" - organ transplant vol.2 - Hot Air (2000)
Wolfgang Richter "Sandman outro"


HYPNOSCOPE! The Newest Breakthrough in Terror!


"This dates back to the 50s. Movie theaters use to run this at the start of movies like "Robot Monster" or "The Creeping Terror." The idea was to hypnotize the audience to make them think they were really scared!
I don't think it worked !"
(thank you so much
dkslam for posting this !)

Trailers A Gogo :
Something Weird Video
All along the past mix you can hear some weird trailers samples from the 1960's.
Here comes the video links found on YouTube :
>> opening n°2
>> another day another man , 60's soft-sex trailer with a great sound score.
>> Shock Stock (S.W.V. promo)


Waltz of the broken glasses


>P L A Y L I S T>
artist - title - album - label - year
Okapi - "monastic bingo" - where's the beef - Inflatabl records (2005)
The Rip-Off Artist - "parp" -
in through the outdoor - Tigerbeat6 (2003)
Basil Kirchin - "special relativity" -
quantum - Trunk records (2003)
Jimi Tenor
- "largo" - Deutsche Grammophon recomposed (2006)
Tipsy - "zombies mood" - Uh! Oh! - Asphodel (2003)
Jimi Tenor - "vexations-version1" - Deutsche Grammophon recomposed (2006)
Monsters(zombies ate my neighbor - unused bonus stage - I can't remenber where it comes from !
Otto Von Schirach - "toma liquido de balena" - maxipad detention - Ipecac recordings (2006)
Otto Von Schirach - "alligator waltz"(very short excerpt!) - maxipad detention - Ipecac recordings (2006)
Otto Von Schirach - "smelly mustard" - 8000 BC - Schematic records (2006)
John Oswald - "great backing track" - the mystery tapes (1980) mp3 album downloadable on Ubu web
People Like Us - "gongexeva" - mp3 release of the past week on www.peoplelikeus.org

Thiazsch - "plitipitep" - Beïnn Bouta -
Bedroom Research records (2005)

!!! New compilation is out !!!
various electronic artists / under creative commons FREE TO SHARE (Downloadable at www.bedroomresearch.com)

Bonus track of the week
Thiazsch (Thiaz Itch)
from Bedroom Research presents :
a crazy never-ending waltz ...

Thiazsch _ matekoba.mp3

Serveul Manajment (2003)


Before i was born,1950's favorites..

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Kukla,Fran & Ollie

From the early 50's, this show influenced later programs including Sesame Street and
The Muppets Show, learn more.

Kukla,Fran & Ollie
theme - here we are hop, hop ,hop (1947)
Ertha Kitt - c'est si bon (1953)
Dean Martin - that's amore (1953)
Rosemary Clooney - mambo italiano (1954)
Patti Page - how much is that doogie (1950)
Vic Mizzy - the pruitts of southampton (1966)
Mario Lanza - be my love (1951)(broken record mix)
Eddy Fisher - anytime (1952)
Spike Jones - the Jones laughing record (1971) (a sample of the original song)
(introducing "the flight of the Bumble Bee")


At the end of the selection, you can hear 3 tracks from a german collagiste
: Vernon Le Noir. www.vernonlenoir.com

(you can download all his albums for FREE, don't hesitate, check it out !)
His latest album called "Balkan spezialitaeten" (2006) was released on Comfort Stand Recordings netlabel, he also appears on Ego Twister records.

Vernon Le Noir - Neretva(24bit) + gipsy talks

Vernon Le Noir - ce face banul din vern
Vernon Le Noir - zigani

The branflakes : countdown to the end (remix) (2006)
Outro : Michel Legrand - monkey business (1967)(fade out)


All along this selection you can hear the voice of Peter Sellers
in "The Compleat Guide To Accents Of The British Isles"

(photo credit : http://www.murraystreet.com/sellers.htm)

Download the mix : 06-10-02_doyouspeakenglish_before_i_was_born.mp3
and the playlist HERE (in .txt format) if you find this one a bit messy