Raymond Scott - Limbo, The Organized Mind

The soundtrack and sound effects are done by an american electronic music pioneer from the 30's RAYMOND SCOTT
,and was released on "Manhattan Research Inc."
Limbo, The Organized Mind.mp3 a reworked version was used as an introduction for a past broadcast :

R.Scott & The Quintette on TV

A video of his ELECTRONIUM here

Raymonscottesque performance by KRAMER & LUTTAZZI on TV

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Anonymous said...

He and Jim Henson did a fantastic clip for 1970's Sesame Street, too. It has that malleable, eerie face counting from 1 to 10. "NOWWWWW see if you can try to seehowmanyDOTSgobyyyyyy..." Scott's great Moog music accompanies the skit. Remember the quote above, in that nasal voice?