Hank Mizell - jungle rock (1958)

I bought this Lp recently on a flea market. I found it shared by an excellent hillbilly oriented blog Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archive (the french version of the cover art is by Gerard Olivier) not extraordinary but good old classic rockabilly.

" One of the songs that he recorded was 'Jungle Rock' a fashionable up-tempo rocker. Released in1958, the single was not a success, but years later it was re-discovered and re-released, reaching No.3 in the UK charts in 1976. An album was also recorded, it features the smash hit with a batch of classic 50s rockabilly tracks. Recorded at Singleton Sound Studio, Nashville, Tenn. between march 22 and 31, 1976. "
DOWNLOAD it here

Amazing story on : http://www.rockabillyeurope.com/references/messages/hank_mizell

Mi compadre Reverend Frost already shared a 45 from the man: check it here


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