LP#8 Roger Roger - Rhapsody In Green - De La Musique Et Des Secrets Pour Enchanter Vos Plantes (1978)

A rare album, half classical music and half electronic music, from 1978 released on Tchou livre-disque record, composed by famous library musician Roger Roger (helped by Nino Nardini), illustrating a spoofy essay (by Martin Monestier) about the impact of music on plant growth ! Really absurd content (in french) where you can learn, for example, that Rock music KILL all the plants. If you have sexual obsessions you should paint your walls in soft green and buy some "agnus castus" or some "pleomele reflexa". Now If you want to fight gay desires you should paint your walls in black and buy "omorphophalles" ! It goes on and on like this for about 40 pages. HILARIOUS !
Sorry if i did not scan the whole book (as it is printed in a LP cover format, too big for my A4 scanner), but i have included a .PDF with some photos. Hope you'll enjoy.

back with liner notes in french (click to enlarge)
For your listening pleasure you can experience this record (especially side 2 "luxuriance") mixed with Laura Huxley voice : "Recipes for living and loving your favorite flower" (especially side 1). It is amazingly matchy matchy.
side 1 and side 2 are available via 365 days project -july 2007- WFMU blog

DOWNLOAD Roger Roger album here


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your blog,
roger roger, nino,...
are my favorite,
but the download are broken,
please post a new link
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Dj No Breakfast said...

It works perfectly here, please try again. Thanks. Otherwise we'll find another way ...

phil said...

Thanks for the comment on that "Green Sounds" album on my blog
I only use that blog for my fave links(thats why your there) and covers of albums I have recently bought
I did grab this album from you and very good it is too :)
Lets not forget the best "plants" album ...Planetasia by the late Mort Garson


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