The broken ears

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---------------------------P L A Y L I S T-----------------------------

Claudine Longuet
- happy talk

Lalo Schifrin - Be happy again jingle (from THX-1138 soundtrack)
Messer Fur Frau Muller - funny man under a narcosis
Chenard Walker
and the sand - hole mike

Thiaz Itch
- bêêêêê
-- (close your eyes) --
Ergo Phizmiz
- "survivor cover"
: track n°1 from "Ergo Phizmiz & his Orchestra" Womb Records 2007
Tep - moumou

Oleg Kostrow - 18-Çëîáíûå áëåñêè è äîáðûå ñëåçêè (from Tartuf soundtrack)

Oleg Kostrow
- 02-Ìû ïîäñåëè íà êà÷åëè (from Tartuf soundtrack 2005)

Thiaz Itch
- effervescing elephant (Syd Barret tribute)
Jan Turkenburg
- water (Chenard Walker tribute vol1 2007)

Chenard Walker - restructuration du message par l auditeur
The Bran Flakes - once you understand (very short spoken word excerpt !!!)
Felix Kubin and Coolhaven - there is a garden (I just can't stop playing the 45rpm for about 10 month now !)

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ubunoir said...

hello there!

that's a very enjoyable mix.

..and you can also check my radio show about free netaudio releases -> http://istotassaca.blogspot.com/ where a quite similar musical taste can be found. there's some polish speaking included but you may just skip it :)