Beauty & the Beast

You're about to hear a special selection of outrageous X-rated B-movie trailer cuts and raw horror garage tracks from the 50/70's plus some tracks from the MESSER CHUPS latest album HYENA SAFARI released on Solnze Records. A UNIQUE spy/ surf/ horror/ sci-fi/ electro/ rock/ garage band from Russia with several musical projects as Messer Fur Frau Muller or Oleg Kostrow. I used to play lots of their burlesque music in do you speak english ? previous mixes. listen closely !(videos here and here.)(SCD010:Messer Chups/hyena safari)
Messer Chups / hyena safari(drawing and artwork on hyena safari by dopingpong.)
incredible HORROR b-movies at : Giant & Girls
this is absolutely W E I R D !!! a huge fabulous collection of mentaly disturb movies at : Something Weird (VHS & DVD available!)
videos for weirdos
more FREE weirdo music at : WMRecordings (under creative commons license)


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