Beloved Jean Jacques Perrey

 photosDana Countryman _that i mention in the previous post _is actually Jean Jacques Perrey 's webmaster, music partner and friend. Recently they recorded an album together : The Happy Electropop Music Machine , out in April 2006. Check out some photos of the studio sessions here

(photo : Mark Griswold)

God Squad V.S. Satan's Kitten

This could be an exciting topic for a future "battle" mix !

You can find more snazzy album covers delights at The Museum Of Bad Album Covers ///// more awfull 45rpm covers _mostly french artists ///// and here at Dana Virtual Museum Of Lp Cover Art


Boo Stories !

download : Boo Stories.mp3 06-03-20_doyouspeakenglish_boo_stories.mp3
I am definitively falling in love with all these gouls and monsters from the 50's/60's. I grab samples from the excellent album At Home With The Munsters released in 1964 by Golden Records. Illustrating a night with T.V.'s most unusual familly. (You can find the whole album + additional bonus in MP3 here).
I've just found other MP3 samples from The Munsters avalaible at the Sound And Music Library website.
Directly related a track by Martinibomb and The Coconut Monkeyrocket : The Munsterbeat.mp3 (right click to download).Found at Oddiooverplay website.
i also use tracks from Otto Von Schirach 's LP Escalo Frio released in 2001 on Schematic and Richard Devine album Cautella released in 2005 on Sublight with collaborative work of Otto Von Schirach.
You can also hear, at the end of this mix, tracks from the Illegal Art Exhibit CD Compilation from Illegal Art that i remix with additional music layers. If you are interesting in outrageous samples, compulsive beats, cut & paste and illegal music if you want to know more about ANTICOPYRIGHT activism and those behind Illegal Art netlabel visit their website read an interview here and BUY their music !
1$ monster at www.getafreemonkey.com


Something Weird

No Hit Record company proudly presents UNLISTENABLE jewels from our collection : the worst records ever made ! Accordion disco, swedish country music, singing cat, gospel express, X-OR and his banjo, japanese pop starlettes : The Peanuts (you can download 2 full albums here), sublime frequencies from myamar radio ...
(The first vaudeville harmonica band formed in 1925).


The Saddest Music In The World

This week a mix released in november 2004, inspired by Guy Maddin 's movie : The Saddest Music In The World (2003). This movie is currently on cinema screens in France, a must see ! I have mixed dialogs of the movie with several tracks from Venetian Snares LP rossz csillag alatt született released on Planet Mu in 2005... and other tragic sounds.


The Shape of Punk to Come

The Monks first hair-cut !
1966...IT'S MONK TIME !

Five former American GIs band, The Monks ,released 'Black Monk Time' LP in Germany in the mid 60's. Twisted rolls and fuzzy rock, upbeat drumming, electric banjo, crazy organ, speed-haunted voices and ropes tied around the neck. Their music is all about rhythm and experimenting around beats, introducing weird harmonies and punching lyrics. Just one album, but every song is a dirty gem.

Listen to : boys are boys and girls are choice.mp3 and monk time.mp3

If you want to know more about the boys check out The Monks website.

Watch astonishing Live of The Monks at the Beat Club


introducing ...

I have done nothing this week, lazy attitude, but my brother send me a funny 5' minutes mix in french : messy_bore.mp3. have a listen ! By the way, i've already used some of his mixes in my previous shows. Thanks bro, i love you. Hope i'll come to see you soon.

I also recommend this excellent blog REVEREND FROST : spreading the good word for those interesting in rock n' roll, horror movies and other rarities selected by my Reverend.(check his latest mix : a bloody come back mix for all you freaks !).