Dj No Breakfast : giallo di notte

GIALLO DI NOTTE 60S 70S italian soundtracks selected by Dj No Breakfast.
DOWNLOAD giallo di notte part1

DOWNLOAD giallo di notte part2

The playlist will come soon as soon as i find it! Sorry about that.


Feq'wah said...

Excellent mix,
a play list would be appreciated though.
But great non the less.

Thanks! Merci beaucoup!

Dj No Breakfast said...

Thanks, about the playlist i am working on it, it will be published here soon.

Giles Clark said...

This is a great compilation! It's great for the bachelor pad. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

bellissimo, un bel regalo! grazie.

Anonymous said...

The mix sounds great, many thanks. Just off on a bike ride with the mp3 player, this is on the play list.

Cant get enough of the freaky sounds!

Anonymous said...

What film is the picture from for this mix, it looks like a real gem. Makes me chuckle every time I look.

OrlandoFurioso said...

I also wonder where the picture is taken from. Please let us know.

Dj No Breakfast said...

the sounds come from different pictures (i have no time for the playlist right now but come back next week it will be updated... The dialogs are from "la ragazza con la pistola" 1968 Mario Monicelli


Thanks for all your comments, means a lot to me.

OrlandoFurioso said...

I guess we mean the cover image with the topless girl and the asian gun lady. Where does it come from? Is it a movie?

Dj No Breakfast said...

oh well i see, about the picture i really don't i found it a while ago and can't remember where ... sorry

Anonymous said...

damn this is really nice !!
Great selecting !!