The Bran Flakes - Bubbles (2007)

DOWNLOAD NOW this strange and funny music(Happi Tyme Records HTR-2001 MP3 / 2007)

Happi Tyme Records
After 5 years of inactivity, for their grand re-opening they have decided to share online (FOR FREE of course)this album/compilation of old and unreleased tracks from The Bran Flakes.
It is happy, funny, and crazy.
A new full length album from The Bran Flakes should come out at the end of 2007 on Happi Tyme Records.
In the meantime ... "50% downloading process"... and i am still waiting for the bubbles.ZIP file to arrive on my desktop ! I can't wait to hear these tracks.

Don't wait ! go and grab it NOW at : happityme.com



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