fortyone for free

Hello, here is a message from Fortyone:

" I now offer all of my music (28 releases to date) to you for free. Either contact me and I'll snail mail physical copies to you anywhere in the world for free, or download everything as it becomes available on the website.

12 releases currently available for download.
16 more should be shortly. I'm working on uploading and updating everything right now, literally as I type this.

Also coming soon: over 100 videos, daily blog postings the first of which will explain why I've made this decision, fortyone's favorite track of the day, brand new song or interesting sample of the day, special holiday themed songs and/or videos on every holiday even the less popular ones like Bastille Day, fortyone's top 41 sample-collage tracks of all time, trivia contests for prizes, random nude pictures of Norman Sweetcream, a how-to guide on not being offended by other's actions that do not directly involve or affect you, sample-collage porn, and a comment box.



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ubunoir said...

thanks for sharing good news! :)