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The MAMIE VAN DOREN Radio Show In Xanadu
mercredi 19:00 - 20:00 sur radio FMR
Toulouse 89.1fm - streaming www.radio-fmr.net


MVDX.001 playlist de l'émission du 14-10-09

Xanadu teaser - émission zéro

LES BAXTER - the attic

DON CHERRY - brown rice

trailer X - warning

BARNES and BARNES - cemetary girls

LORD SUTCH - til the following night


THE CHALLENGERS - out of limits

BOLA JOHNSON and his easy life - ezuku buzo

J.B. RAITEUX - cocody bay

FRANCO MICALIZZI - folk and violence (from Napoli Violenta)

CARL STERLING PROJECT - marching pink elephants

trailer X - she speech

HAL BLAINE - tune in - turn on (July)

TAFO ( feat NAHID AKHTAR) - karye pyar

ERVIN JEREB - crime fiction


trailer X - brain eaters

WALTER RIZZATI - baie des anges 3


HORNS OF CHAOS - prospecting horns

MIKE DILLON - running Guineas

JANKO NILOVIC - Xenos cosmos

JULIANO GIULIANO SORGINI- echoes from canyon

SALMA AGHA - come closer

Selection de Dj No Breakfast et Ping Pong


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