RIAA - reality is an accident

RIAA's new album of mashups and cut-ups is some of the weirdest, wackiest stuff that they've recorded in the last year or two. Spike Jones, Roger Roger, old kiddie records, and rude sound effects mix with Neutral Milk Hotel, James Blunt and the soundtracks to "Psycho" and “Eraserhead”; '60s garage rock and Latin boogaloo collide with modern funky electro beatz.
Whimsical animal themes abound: San Cooke dances with a chicken, Dean Martin & Nancy Sinatra harmonize with dogs, Fleetwood Mac jams with Babar the Elephant. And you'll never believe what the Jonas Brothers do...
People Like Us and dj BC collaborated.

You can grab the whole thing here:
Reality Is An Accident (zip file)
Or listen to it streaming/download individual tracks here: Reality Is An Accident (Fairtilizer)
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