Mamie Van Doren In Xanadu - 024 - 2010-05-19 / Johnny


MVDX.024 playlist de l'émission du 19-05-10/ Johnny

Valia - Johnny avait 20 ans

Anne Germain & Michel Magne - Jésus, rends moi johnny

Magali Noël - Fais moi mal Johnny

Ethel Azama - Johnny one note

Joe Tex - Popeye Johnny

Hank the knife and the Jets - The guitar king 10 johnny silent

Barry mann - Johnny Surfboard


John Leyton - Johnny Remember me

Flip and the Dateliners - My Johnny doesn't come around anymore

Shelley Fabares - Johnny Angel

The Kinks - Johnny Thunder

The Mystery Trend - Johnny was a good boy

George Harrison It's Johnny's birthday


The Gun Club - Goodbye Johnny

Wild women and the Savages - Johnny

X - Johnny Hit and Run Pauline

Liz Phair - Johnny Sunshine

Josie Cotton - Johnny are you Queer ?


Julie Brown - The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun

The Mighty Sparrow - No money, No love

NoFx - Johnny Appleseed

The Beastie Boys - Johnny Ryall

Terror - Johnny Rebel

Selection/mix de Dj No Breakfast

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