The E.C.C.

The E.C.C. - I want a cookie (2006)

The Godfathers of Mashup

"Since 1986, The Evolution Control Committee has steadily built a worldwide reputation by creating sample-based music of questionable legality. We have been violating copyright laws since it was difficult."
Sing along with the Pillage People DMCA karaoke (Youtube video link HERE)

It makes me think
... that we are still waiting for...
The Droplift Project volume 2 to be released ???
Various pre-copies have already been exchanged via emails, but the website remains dead silent ... "coming soon ..."


Download Droplift Project volume 1


Arvo said...

Droplift II is available now, according to the website.

Arvo said...

Thanks for the Montalba by the way. I'll be linking to you sooner than later.