Jim Nollman - playing music with animals

(c.photo: Jim Nollman 2001)

"I play music with animals. I've tried it with ravens, dolphins, bellbirds, frogs, orcas, humpback whales, lobsters, elk, wolves."

Using a wide range of instruments, from the 1000 years old wood "dolphin sticks" and "wales drums" that the Australian aborigines were using to call the whales, to the good ol' electric guitar and even a specialy designed Peavey mandolin to play with high pitched dolphins and many other species...Now listen to these underwater strange and beautiful melodies.

Learn more about
Jim Nollman. at greenmuseum.org

You can listen to 2 .MP3s of Jim Nollman playing with wolves and wales at waxidermy.com HERE
You can download (or play online with) wales, dolphins and belugas samples at interspecies.com HERE

You can also listen and "watch" other whales, dolphins, beluga recordings by AguaSonic Acoustics via YouTube HERE

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