The Cousins - Kana Kapila (1961)

Uploaded by Thundernest.(check the Spotnick's videos he uploaded).

The Cousins come from Belgium and had been very popular in the early 60's. THe song Killy Watch in 1961 starts their career, they had been touring in Africa and later Argentina and finally the band had broken up in 1967 with a last concert in Belgium.
You can download this song here from an excellent "vinyl sharity" blog i've just discovered : Flash Athletic (blog in french)
Kana Kapila by The Cousins is also featured on Jungle Exotica vol.1 a compilation released in 2000 on Crypt Records
(Trivia) ...
A rock n' roll surf band from my hometown The Orientals had made a cover of this song in 2001.


ubunoir said...

a new banner, nice! :)

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Monsieur Flash said...

Merci beaucoup à Phantomoftheradio pour ses gentillesses à propos de Flash Athletic. Mr Flash, qui manie la langue de Shakespeare avec difficulté, prend maintenent des leçons quotidiennes sur le formidable blog Do You Speak English. Congratulations and many thanks!