NEW : The Mamie Van Doren radio show

The Mamie Van Doren radio show sur www.radio-fmr.netmyspace.com/mamievandorenshow

Radio FMR Toulouse websiteA completely new and different radio show with all the MVD members, broadcast on a local radio station :
FMR Toulouse 89.1fm / www.radio-fmr.net
It all starts this wednesday 19:00 - 20:00. And we don't know where we are going and how it all ends up to! Freeform some will say, this how it sounds good to me. It will be a pleasure to share all the good (and the most awfull) music i've found these years via holy blogs, soulseek and the netlabels all over the globe. La creme de la creme!
Note that you will find the playlists and the shows listenable on our myspaceblog.

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